ARCHANGEL GABRIEL #3 - APRIL 2018

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  Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as serendipity. This quality is available to be utilized in every person’s life. The universe works constantly to bring every individual whatever they have been seeking or asking for, be it answers to one of life’s most burning questions, or the desire to meet or connect with someone, or information that they are needing for a project. There are many other instances of answers that are sought and these vary as much as the individuals who seek them. As these individuals ponder their need, the universe conspires to bring them what they desire and through messages, signs, lucky coincidences and a series of synchronicities, the answers arrive serendipitously to the recipients when they were not even consciously expecting them.

Sometimes when an individual is looking for something in their life, something unexpected and beneficial shows up that was due to an entirely wrong turn on their path of life and which hindsight reveals was a fortunate choice. This meaningful event is serendipity in action and in all likelihood the individual would not have found this direction had they not taken the wrong turn and thereby gained something entirely different from what they had been striving for. By trusting that their unexpected good would prevail, they were in the flow of the universe and knew that something good would come of it and even better than they could have dreamt. Whenever individuals set an intention with conviction and passion and feed it with energy and fervour, the Universe gives them clues to what they need through signs, such as synchronistic events so they can fulfill their intention.

As they begin to watch life through a different perspective they begin to approach new experiences with wonder and become attuned to the subtle influences of the universe playing out in a cosmic dance with them. The synchronistic happenings provide meaningful information and they realize that it is their intention that brings their events to life, it is their intention that creates the things they need and it is serendipity which brings it to them. Their intention can create the fabric of their life and is the mechanism through which spirit manifests into material reality. It brings to them lucky encounters and fortunate circumstances in the form of people, places and events in happy accidents that happen by chance.

Serendipity is the ability to tap into and align with the magic of the universe and to recognize that there is a higher power at work in people’s lives. It brings to them the important events of their destiny. Serendipity is the force, power or energy which connects the dots in their lives, weaving the golden threads in the beautiful tapestry that is their individual life. It ensures that they are always in the right place at the right time, doing exactly the right thing. The universe is perfectly balanced by natural and spiritual laws which maintain order and these individuals learn to depend on these laws and live in alignment with this order and to be "in the flow" for they know or sense that what they sow in consciousness, they reap and so things flow smoothly into their lives.

The guidance that comes fills their hearts and minds with a sense of rightness, motivates them and leaves them in better spirits than before. Gratitude and patience are two of the keys to living synchronized and serendipity filled lives. Each individual’s thoughts, the attitudes they assume and the way they look at things, determines the spin and velocity of their individual wheel of life. These individuals determine where life is taking them because they remember the bigger picture; that they are spiritual beings having a human experience and they accept their role in it. They get synchronized with life's rhythm by becoming aware of their own personal cycles and get in tune with them.

Like many of the finest things of life, like happiness, tranquility and fame, the gain that is most precious is not the thing sought, but one that comes of itself in the search for something else. Serendipitous and synchronistic events are increased in peoples lives when they live their life with great expectations, holding elevated, loving and higher thoughts of what they want and staying conscious of all that is going on around and within them, and observing messages or intuitions from their soul guidance.

They follow their heart, knowing that the Creator uses everything and everyone to communicate with them and that they will know when serendipity happens because the truth of it will resonate in their heart and in every cell of their body. By trusting their inner guidance, they live their lives insightfully, philosophically and filled with love and passion, knowing that they will live their lives filled with serendipitous events. They will constantly experience synchronicities which bring many blessings to them.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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