ARCHANGEL GABRIEL #3 - AUGUST 2017


Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as consideration. This quality is much appreciated by the people who love you and those with whom you interact often. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and recognized for the important role or gifts they bring to your life, for each Soul who comes into your sphere of influence has contracted in some way on a Soul level to be of service and assistance to you and you, to them. When this quality is present in all interactions with others, it engenders feelings of warmth, gratitude and good will between all.

In a family situation, this facet of love creates trust between all family members and the bonds of love are magnified within each heart. As each member practices this quality of consideration, a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere is created and all within the family unit are aware that they are an important part of each other’s lives and that they can always count on their loved ones to be there with their love and support.

Also, it is important to use this quality on a daily basis in all interactions with others and to be aware that other qualities of love are blended with this quality known as consideration in order to encompass a masterful expression of all the qualities of love. This requires a stepping into another’s shoes with empathy and compassion in order to understand more fully their viewpoints and perspectives so that exercising the facets of love between you is taken into consideration.

In a personal relationship this quality is extremely important in the overall functioning of the harmony in the coexistence between the two individuals. When this quality is expressed from one individual to the other, a feeling of oneness and belonging is present within both and there is a true partnership that is developed and maintained. This partnership is based on the needs of the other always being recognized in all aspects of their lives together. Life becomes joyful, peaceful and in harmony with the inner and outer world of each.

There is a sense of the rightness of things which overlights each individual, knowing that their uniqueness is valued and appreciated by the other. Life is perceived by each as an adventure in the expression and unfoldment of each individual’s talents and gifts that they bring to the world. Each one knows that the other supports and encourages the manifestation of these into their world and the world around them. This creates great confidence in their relationship.

In the workplace this quality is essential to the smooth running of the productive functioning of the purpose of the workplace. Each individual within this setting works to ensure that communication and follow through occurs on all levels of their joint responsibilities. Employing this quality of consideration so that each member of the team is recognized and heard ensures a harmonious workplace environment.

Every individual within this environment feels valued and appreciated for their contribution in the overall functioning of the workplace. All individuals know that they are contributing their highest creativity and innovative abilities for the highest good of all and there is happiness in their daily activities and interactions with each other.

In the community all individuals work together to accomplish a higher vision that will serve the greatest number of individuals. Whatever project they strive to bring into manifestation is brought through this quality of love for all and all individuals in their community are being served in the most helpful and efficient way. Much of this work for the entire community involves the contribution of each individual’s personal and quite often, voluntary time in an altruistic action that will see the greatest benefit for all.

 There are many unsung heroes in every community who play this role and it is good to bring the consideration of their efforts into public acknowledgment and gratitude. This will encourage other individual’s to also step up to offer their services and support and this is how great works in the community are accomplished.

 I leave you now to ponder on these words for your thoughtful consideration.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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