ARCHANGEL GABRIEL #3 - JULY 2018

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Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as reflection. Life in the busy world of today can be a continuous stream of movement and activity and sometimes it seems as if it will never slow down long enough for one to catch their breath. Many times, people get caught up into a cycle of doing things that really don’t bring them joy or happiness and if they are not careful and aware, they could find that life has passed them by. It is important to take time to breathe and reflect on the things that are really important.

Making time to reflect, evaluate and reassess one’s life and take some time to slow down and allow the power within to transform and re-invigorate one’s true and authentic self is very important. This may mean spending time in solitude, prayer, meditation, or just sitting quietly enjoying nature and truly appreciating one’s life. When one allows this peaceful time to transform their day, one becomes more focused, fruitful and fulfilled. One realizes that there are some things that should have priority over others in their daily life and they even find the answers that they have been looking for during these quiet reflection moments.

 When one makes the time for quiet reflection, the elements of silence and solitude help transform one’s time away from the busyness of their lives into something meaningful, contemplative, and spiritual. As they allow this gift unto themselves, they open their mind to new possibilities they may never have considered before. They may find at first that they are challenged into new areas of growth and in making discoveries about themselves in ways they did not address before.

 They must be willing to give the space and the permission to include a time of silent listening and silent reflection in order to allow a voice and an awareness of feelings that need to be addressed such as, loneliness, fear, unhealthy attachments, negative voices of shame, judgement and condemnation, any areas of brokenness or past hurts that need healing. These moments are not for the faint of heart and one must be brave enough to allow a heart wrenching time of deep honesty with oneself and with the God of their being. This allows and opens one to a time when great healing, balancing, integrating and transformation can begin to take place within themselves and thus within their outer lives, as well.

 During a time of quiet reflection, a person begins to discover and embrace the richness within themselves and God within them that was not recognized or previously known. They begin to discover the divine music with its divine harmonious overtones. One is placed where they can experience God and self in new and more spacious ways. An individual will often change, not necessarily in a dramatic fashion, but in a simple, subtle, yet no less profound way.

 When one takes the time for quiet reflection, one strives to understand one’s own emotional reactions and responses to the people and situations that they have been dealing with. From this reflection they emerge, ready to re-engage their outer world with purpose, direction, and clarity. One’s self-reflection enables them to move from just experiencing life into understanding their life. Self-reflection enables them to think about what they do well which leads them to make decisions to do something in a more profound way than before.

 Reflection requires quiet time and involves an inner state of being as well as an outward condition. It requires commitment and discipline to take the action necessary to successfully defeat the inner noise that occurs when first starting upon the road to reflection. This inner noise is quick to impinge upon one’s resolve to be in a state of quiet reflection by thoughts that surface, thoughts such as what one forgot to buy at the store earlier in the day, or what someone at the office said.

 This distracts one from the inner and meaningful reflection on the values that are most important to them. These values enable and encourage an individual to piece together the tapestry of the most defining moments that they have experienced. These are the moments that they treasure as the milestone moments in their life; the joyful moments, the creative moments, and nature’s indulgent moments, which provide the positive energy to utilize their creativity more effectively in the present moment.

By focusing on the qualities of one’s most defining moments, it enables one to clarify and define better who one is. One looks at what matters most to them and how one wants to use their time, energy, experience, skills and resources to get maximum benefit from their previous patterns of the past and what they hold as their future expectations. One feels more detached from experiences of the past; one feels more compassionate and more focused in their present moment.

 One feels that they are living their life more abundantly, with more confidence, fresh understanding and clarity on the way forward. By finding some solitude and making time for self-reflection, one can re-discover the beauty and love all around them and within their own life. It allows them quiet time to just be present with their thoughts. It allows them a quiet time to reflect on their life and how truly fortunate they are for all that they have and for who they are.

As I take my leave, I ask that you ponder and reflect on these words.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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