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Beloved Ones,

 I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as constructiveness. This quality shows up in the actions and reactions of humanity when the world around them seems to be out of control. This quality brings order back to that which seems chaotic and is of a positive nature. When things go wrong, it is this quality which brings a situation back to the life enhancing perspective. All that occurs in the world in these times is of a dualistic nature and there is always a choice to be made. The quality of constructiveness in a person always chooses that which will keep a person or persons connected with their God source and therefore, with the path of love, harmony and peace.

As the events in the world continue to bring up everything that was hidden, both in world events and in individual lives, this quality becomes more necessary to utilize often. It helps one stay centered and grounded and to remain whole and connected with their own inner truth. This quality is one that guides individuals to listen within and to do that which is the right thing to do. Sometimes, the right thing to do is not always acceptable to those around them but those who use this quality follow the dictates of their heart which longs for a world of peace, happiness and harmony. It is through this quality that humankind as a species moves forward and expands in their growth as sentient beings.

There is a lot of power inherent in this quality called constructiveness for it requires the right use of will, as individuals make choice in the way they will react to any given situation. This quality puts individuals on the right path to keep them on track with their higher purpose for being here on Earth during these eventful times, for it keeps their perspectives focused on the positive and the good that is inherent in the hearts of humanity. It requires also the quality of discernment to be utilized in order to make choice at any given moment. By doing the right thing at the appropriate time, one can continue on their path in safety, guidance and protection.

There is much in the world at this time which distracts humanity from their higher purpose which is to prepare their minds, bodies, emotions and spirit to be ready to accept the golden opportunity for expansion to a higher order of life through what is termed ascension or a raising of one’s consciousness. The use of the quality of constructiveness is important in one’s daily existence, for it keeps individuals firmly focused on the path that they have chosen to experience during their life upon this planet. By using this facet of love often, each individual contributes to the raising of the vibration of energy and power for the entire planet.

One who utilizes this quality within themselves always looks for the good and the positive within others and within the happenings in the world around them. Each situation is an opportunity to learn and grow and contribute to the world in a way that is of mutual benefit to all. When one manifests this quality in their interactions with other individuals and in response to events that occur, the quality of life for all is affected positively and change occurs for the betterment of all. As each individual takes the time to go within and connect with their higher wisdom, the collective field of wonderful possibilities becomes greater, for the actions, choices and responses of each individual does affect this field and can thereby create the world that they envision for themselves and their loved ones.

I leave now knowing that this quality of love is growing greater within each human heart.

I AM Archangel Gabriel


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