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 Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as desire. This is a facet of love that expresses itself in many myriad forms. It encompasses relationships, goals, personal wants, ambitions and altruistic endeavors. When one is experiencing life in a human body it is quite natural to feel this quality and to express it. Desire is a most powerful motivator within the human experience and one that operates almost automatically in today’s world. At the root of all human experience, you will find this quality is at work. All that has been brought into being in the physical world started as a desire within the soul who brought it into manifestation, for before anything can be accomplished and manifested upon your world; one must employ this quality of love.

In the fullness of human experience, this quality is necessary to keep a person focused in their human life on that which is important to them in order to it bring forth into their immediate environment as an expression of love. Parents strive through this quality to provide an environment for their children that will help their children grow into healthy and balanced adults. Parents strive through this quality to insure that their children’s basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and inner happiness is provided in their daily lives. They employ this quality in all aspects of family life to ensure that their home is comfortable, warm, nurturing, and a place of safety and refuge at all times. The children come to know that their parents through this quality, value and love them.

During the course of their upbringing, children learn to employ the quality of desire in their daily lives by learning to use it in order to bring them experiences that teach them the values that are important for them to embody and emulate in their own lives as they mature. It is through this quality of love that children grow into adults who contribute positively to the world around them. Through this facet of love called desire many new forms of helpful technology come into manifestation in a form that is helpful, delightful and pleasing to those who receive them.

Each generation brings their own gifts to share with the world around them. It is through this quality that the way humanity communicates with each other across the world is changing so rapidly and amazingly. This quality of love is at the root of humanity’s quest for a reconnection to something greater within their inner being as they intuit that they are a part of a much greater picture than they themselves, can understand completely. Through this facet of love, individuals endeavor to connect with others in order to experience the feeling of oneness and belonging, to bring understanding, comprehension and a sense of peace and harmony within their family unit, and within their greater community.

As each individual explores more deeply and comes to know themselves better, there is an enrichment of wisdom and knowledge that takes place which radiates outward into their world. This in turn ignites this quality in others around them to move beyond previous boundaries of thought and feeling. It is through this quality that a better world is created and as humanity awakens further to this powerful motivator, much change will continue to occur in the inner and outer facets of all life upon your planet.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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