Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as helpfulness. This quality opens many doors of loving interaction with others and conveys kindness, caring and respect for other fellow beings. As one develops in their spiritual advancement to mastership of the physical plane of existence, one embodies this facet of love almost automatically, for it incorporates the attribute of service to others. This quality is necessary in all the service to others field of endeavors.

In a family setting, helpfulness is essential in conveying to loved ones that their needs are taken into consideration in the day to day living and its requirements within a family unit. It conveys to each member that they belong and that they are important to the other members. It shows nurturance and accessibility in each members desire to build a strong family unit. As each member strives to be of service to each other, self confidence and self esteem are the natural and highest outcome for all.

In a personal relationship between two individuals, this quality can make a difference in terms of each one feeling that they are part of a valued partnership. This in turn encourages trust in each other, with each one knowing in their heart that here is one that can always be relied upon and will never let them down. Such a quality as this encourages strong bonds between two individuals and fosters reciprocity in each. As each individual gains confidence knowing that each is a part of a partnership where love dwells, the bonds of love grow into the blossoming of joy, laughter, peaceful intentions and harmony within the partnership.

In a work environment this facet of love is essential in the day to day operation of the production of products and services to the outer world. This quality enables each employee to contribute their unique abilities for the betterment of all. By employing this quality in every situation that arises, much can be accomplished in the manifestation of products, services and sales and ensures the highest outcome for the highest good of all. As each employee offers this quality to each other, a feeling of goodwill is very much in evidence in the overall functioning and atmosphere of the workplace and all members of the workplace carry this into their dealings with other members of their society.

In a group or community, this quality is what carries forward the surety of the highest and most beneficial outcome for all. As this quality manifests within each individual within the group, it enables each member to feel confident that the needs and requirements of the entire collective is successfully implemented and this, of course, leads to the desire for further works in order to enhance the experience for all.

I leave you now to ponder on the application of this quality in your every encounter within your daily lives.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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