ARCHANGEL GABRIEL - 4 - AUGUST 2017

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love called tolerance. This quality is needed in all interactions with other people and in many situations that one is faced with on a daily basis. It is this quality that allows each person to be unique and special with their own perspective and truths. When we express this quality, we are accepting of others - their characters, habits, viewpoints, beliefs, quirks, and perceptions. We can patiently deal with any situations that arise that could tempt us to go astray in our intention to walk each day in a state of calm and peace.

In a family situation, this quality asks that each family member respect each other’s rights and viewpoints. When tolerance is shown in the adults towards the children, the children will grow into adults who show this quality in their own families, lives and interactions with others. It is an important quality for each person to have in their own character and in their outward expression of it towards others. As each family member displays this quality towards each other, there is an overall feeling of being accepted and loved as one who matters and whose opinions count in the daily workings of family life. This creates harmony between all members of the family unit and peace and happiness prevails.

 In a personal relationship, this quality helps to prevent moments of criticism or judgment of the other from occurring because one respects the other and knows that refraining from such outbursts is a loving act of kindness, compassion and acceptance. When one partner is having a hard time dealing with something that bothers them, if the other partner employs this quality and tries to be helpful by doing kindnesses for them to let them know that they are loved and appreciated, usually, those difficult moments will fade away and equilibrium is restored. Tolerance is one facet of relationship that is most appreciated by the other partner even if they cannot verbalize this appreciation.

In a work situation this quality is much needed in the workplace. Many times people are on deadlines and time constraints so employing this quality is very helpful in overlooking any remarks or statements that may be made by others during these moments. When people are trying to operate under stressful conditions it is advisable to employ this quality for the continuation of peace and harmony in the work environment. If there is any way that others can assist the one who is under stress to produce before a deadline, this would be most helpful in the overall performance of the entire organization. With this quality coming to the fore when required, all in the work environment will feel unified, uplifted and accepted.

In a community or group situation this quality is absolutely necessary in order for any project or goal to be accomplished. When there are many members of a team, each member wants to feel that they are an important part of the group and that their input is valued and appreciated. Sometimes, this quality serves well in listening skills as a member of the group shares their ideas and inspirations with the others and can result in the most amazing innovative projects. Expressing this quality towards the group members empowers each member to be confident enough to share these inspirations with the group and leads to feelings of peace and good will which facilitate the creation and completion of projects and goals.

 When people express tolerance towards one another with kindness and respect, many good things happen, for each is seeing the commonality between all people and not really noticing any differences. This leads to improved and meaningful relations between all peoples. I leave you now to ponder these words.


 I AM Archangel Gabriel

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