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Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as sincerity. This quality comes from deep within the heart of each soul and is like a pure, shining Light that radiates outward. When one speaks with sincerity, it is immediately felt in the heart space as truth in the one who listens. This quality when manifesting within an individual is one to whom others respond to in a positive manner. They know that this one can be trusted and that they are honest and truthful. Whatever an individual says and does, it is this quality which gives it the radiance of Light.

 As people interact with each other, it is this facet of love that keeps the relationship growing and expanding. There are no inconsistencies in the behaviors and patterns of the people involved and all know that each member can always be relied upon to speak and act with truth and integrity. The individuals are held in high esteem by their comrades, for they know these people will never let them down, no matter what event is occurring in their lives, just as they know that the sun will always rise. There is a feeling of oneness and camaraderie that is experienced between all the individuals.

With this quality inherent within an individual, many doors are opened that would not do so if this individual did not express this quality of love. When one walks in goodness, simplicity and sincerity, one is recognized as a person that can be trusted in all things and because this quality within them is recognized, one is entrusted with responsibility that entails the higher good of others, whether it be with family members or with the greater community around them. The one who manifests this quality of love walks upon a higher path of consciousness, knowing that the most important aspects of life upon the planet involve the constructive use of the qualities of love and the knowledge that what one gives to others is what one receives in return.

This quality of love requires the willingness to have an open heart without the shields of protection around it. It requires individuals to live their everyday lives with transparency and earnestness, leaving no room for deceptions or dishonesty of any kind. When one’s life is an open book with no shadows or secrets in it, one can walk upon the Earth free from the fear of discovery and dishonor. It entails the following of one of life’s golden rules, which is to do unto others as one would have them do unto you, for in truth, what people do to each other does affect the whole of the planet.

As the world begins to once again reflect this and other qualities of love, the density around the planet begins to dissolve and dissipate and everyone benefits enormously because the element of fear and suspicion is no longer the underlying motivation when two or more people interact with each other. This is the state of being that each individual is aspiring to achieve so that the Earth and all her inhabitants can live, love and prosper in peace, harmony and truth. It requires each soul to cast out fear and stand in their truth and integrity at all times. This state of being is most definitively for the highest good of all.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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