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Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as resourcefulness. This facet of love calls into play creativity, discipline and inspiration. For many people across the world, this quality is implemented on a daily basis as they exercise their capacity to manifest and create what is needed in their lives. This quality of resourcefulness requires inner strength and determination to follow through on the inspiration that is received. One has to be greatly motivated and aligned with creative intention in order to successfully accomplish one’s vision to bring into fruition one’s needs. Where there is a will, there is a way and this quality will assist a person in creating and manifesting what is needed and desired.

Throughout all challenges and obstacles that come upon the path of each person’s life, this quality of love is one that has assisted people in exercising their power to create a better outcome for themselves and their loved ones. By maintaining a vision of what is required, many people have turned their lives around into one that is a model of inspiration for others. By their persistence in applying this quality to solve their challenges, they have moved beyond their seeming limitations into a life of abundance and joy on every level.  By believing in their ability to create what was needed and by following through in their actions, much good was accomplished and many trying situations were overcome and successfully met.

There is within each person an innate power to create what is needed and desired in their daily lives. This power is activated by a deep belief that one is always guided and protected in all facets of their daily lives. This quality comes to the surface of one’s consciousness during times of intense concentration, focus and motivation to have what is required in one’s daily sustenance and sense of well being. The person becomes inspired with ideas that come into their awareness and they move into action to bring these ideas into manifestation. As they do this, more ideas and inspiration flow into their awareness and before they know it, they have overcome and surpassed their challenges.

 This is how the accomplishment of goals and ventures in one’s life become successful. This quality can be used in every area of one’s life as they envision the best outcome for themselves and for each of their loved ones. By having faith in one’s ability to create what is needed, one becomes the creator of it as one takes each step to its successful accomplishment. All success begins with taking the first step and the next step and so on. By following this procedure each time something is needed or desired, a person can bring into manifestation their intended outcome. By having faith and vision in the end result, the result manifests in one’s life.

There is alchemy at work as one practices this procedure over and over again. As these steps are taken with each endeavor, it brings greater and greater accomplishments which then translate into greater self confidence and self esteem within the individual as they experience success in each attempt. They gain the ability to repeat this success in every situation that comes up in their daily lives and they have the knowledge that they are strong and capable individuals perfectly able to meet the challenge.

I leave you now to contemplate your own quality of resourcefulness.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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