ARCHANGEL GABRIEL #1 - MAY 2018


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Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as opulence. Opulence is the constant cultivation of a feeling - that an individual possesses all sorts of riches which they can bestow upon others, and which they can bestow generously because by this very action they open the way for still greater supplies to flow in. They understand that true wealth is in identifying themselves with the spirit of opulence, that they must be opulent in their thoughts, attitudes and habits. Throughout the universe, life ultimately consists in circulation, whether within the physical body of an individual or within the various systems in operation upon the planet or in the entire solar system. Circulation means a continual flowing around and the spirit of opulence and generosity operates within this universal law of all life.

 Each individual must look upon themselves as centres of distribution and the better they fulfill their function as such centres, the greater will be the corresponding inflow. One can define the centre of circulation as a point where the inflow force is called centripetal force and the outflow force is called the centrifugal force. By this theory in physics, one can visualize the path of giving and receiving. Each individual receives constant guidance, though most people are unaware of this. When they ignore their gut feelings, they reject the prompting of their soul. Guidance often comes in the form of intuition and when an individual honours it, they go with the flow of the current of life.

A full and free flow can be obtained only by keeping it open. As one gives, so they receive. If one’s wealth at the present moment is not abundant on the material plane, they must have faith and realize that there are other sorts of wealth still more valuable, on the spiritual and intellectual planes, which they can give. Starting from this point and practicing the spirit of opulence, even though one’s balance at the bank may be nil will allow the universal law of attraction to begin to assert itself.

 An individual will not only begin to experience an inflow on the spiritual and intellectual planes, but will extend itself to the material plane also, because what they believe in, is the generous feeling - which is the intuitive recognition of the great law of circulation. It requires a letting go and keeping a positive focus on where they wish to be. Successful opulence occurs when the person’s vibration resonates with the vibration of the outcome they desire, and whatever they focus on and give their attention to, will manifest. Energy flows where one’s attention goes.

 When one has realized the spirit of opulence they cannot help drawing to themselves material goods, as well as that higher wealth which is not measured by a money standard, but is co-ordinated with their other more interior forms of wealth so as to make it the material instrument in smoothing the way for their more perfect expression. With understanding of the relation which it bears to spiritual and intellectual wealth, material wealth becomes one with them. The individual does not think about how much they will be getting but about how are they going to be doing with their opulence.

 With this attitude, the abundance will flow in with a generous profusion in spontaneity and rightness of direction. When an individual gives liberally of what they have with the knowledge that they are setting the law of circulation to work, this law brings them greater and greater inflows of every kind of good, and they do this not by depriving themselves of any expansion of their own life that they may desire, but by finding that every expansion makes them more powerful instruments for expanding the life of others.

The quality of love known as opulence means an abundance of free-flowing love, happiness, joy, success, prosperity, vitality, generosity, laughter and all the positive things in life. Opulence is about flowing along with life, taking advantage of the currents, and enjoying the journey. There is a sense of inner satisfaction and fulfillment. For each individual to really live empowered in the flow of abundance they must understand the energetic vibration of ‘give and take’.

 The more they allow themselves to receive, the better they feel inside. When feeling full and content within, they are genuinely able to nurture others. When they allow themselves to be nurtured regularly they don’t yearn with neediness. When there is a natural ‘in and out’ flow of love, caring and nurturing in their lives, people feel balanced and abundant in all ways.

However much an individual may want the opulence, the universe will not bring it to them until they prove that they are ready to receive and accept it graciously. If they want more friends in their lives, they must be friendly towards others. If they want more happiness in their lives, they must express and live happiness. This will make them feel happier and will draw the flow of happiness to them. If they want more caring and nurturing in their lives, they must send out the right energy, and the people around them will automatically nurture them.

Material things will flow to them when they have an opulent consciousness, when their personal or collective vibration resonates with the vibration of the opulent outcome, their beliefs create an energy which vibrates with the desired outcome and becomes manifest into physical form. They must speak clearly to the universe about their wants, needs and wishes with persistence. Clear thoughts and intentions draw from the universe that which is required in peoples lives. Being clear about what they want and then having the necessary faith in themselves and working steadfastly towards that vision will bring that form of opulence to them.

As I take my leave, my wish is for the opulence of the Creator to live within your hearts.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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