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The above image of Archangel Michael was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Many of you are concerned that the collective of humanity will be left behind as those who are awakened seize the opportunities presented through solar, cosmic and planetary events taking place during these times. They worry that their loves ones will disappear from their sight as certain cosmic events take place. There is no denying that the events taking place during the current times are an opportunity for those who are ready to step through the portals that open at this time into a greater integration of their Divine aspects and potential, for that is what is actually occurring rather than these ones stepping off this planet in the physical realm and into their higher Light vehicles.

 This can happen for many if they so choose, however, most who have arrived at this stage of evolvement have already made choice to continue to assist the collective of awakening humanity. What these portals do is bring in more of the higher energies that then become available to all upon the planet. Those who seize this opportunity are doing so for the higher good of all. They become the bearers and living examples for others to observe and it is hoped, to emulate, which sets them on the path of their own soul evolvement and spiritual growth.

Be assured, Dear Ones, that this is not a ‘do or die’ situation – far from it! Those who walk through these and other successive portals in the days ahead will become the holders of a greater brilliance and intensity of Divine Light – for they are the pioneers, the template, if you will, of the new human who will live upon the planet as she moves into her rightful place as a beautiful shining star in the Galaxy. These pioneers, these Light Bearers, have done this work before and they are evolved beings who are working on their Galactic ascension.

Humanity is not alone in this auspicious time on the planet, for there are many loving and capable Masters of the Light who walk upon this Earth. As these ones continue to walk through these spiritual portals as they open, the Light that they then embody in greater measure will become more discernible as an emanation around their auric fields. This emanation will become a sign that the Divine is becoming embodied and anchored within those who serve the greater plan, the Divine plan, upon the Earth. They are beings who have passed every temptation and test that befall the human species and are transcending these on behalf of humanity, that a way forward is established for those who follow.

Through every beginning of a new age, this has been so, humanity on this planet is not left to work through this ascension process on their own, they are always given this assistance and support - but it is more prevalent during this particular new beginning called the Age of Aquarius. The Divine Creator wanted to make sure that everyone has the understanding and awareness of the opportunity that is now before them. This has always been so and we say that there are many amongst your number in this category, and many who can be, with sincere intention and desire. There is yet time for this to happen to the collective of humanity. Be at peace and continue to stay on your path!

Blessings of the Light to all!

I AM Archangel Michael.

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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