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 The Radio Interview with Allayah Frisch

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 Marlene Swetlishoff, Internationally known Scribe/Channel, Author, Healer, Crystal Reader, Energy Facilitator and Activator has been sharing the highly popular weekly messages from Hilarion since 2009. Hilarion’s message has now become a monthly message - the text of which is available as read only on her website and that of Ron Head of Oracles and Healers, and through her approved translators. The links to the translated versions are available on her website. 

 Marlene has been a lifetime student of the arcane mysteries in her quest for knowledge throughout her spiritual journey and is a member of Astara, A Place of Light - a modern day Mystery School. Marlene receives messages from the Realms of Light through telepathic transmission. This began after having to retire from her school secretary’s position because of an ongoing physical disability due to long term rheumatoid arthritis. Throughout her life, she has had ongoing and varied challenges which she has successfully circumnavigated by focusing on the positive, thereby developing strength of mind and creative multi-dimensional spiritual purpose to make up for the lack of strength in her physical vehicle. She has taken a weakness and turned it into a strength.

"Marlene is a Divine Luminary, Angelic Ambassador and Messenger of Hope whose work is divinely designed to awaken, uplift and shift the consciousness of humanity into the new age of Light. More specifically, her primary task is to open the multi-dimensional chambers within the hearts of many people, allowing them to feel the divine presence of Spirit within their body, mind and soul. As an Angelic writer and researcher, Marlene brings forth many channelled messages from the higher dimensions of Light, the Angelic Kingdoms and the Ascended Master realms to awaken and inspire humanity.

As a Messenger of Hope and Divine Luminary, Marlene brings her unique healing gifts of divine love and inspired interpretation to the masses in many ways. Marlene's focus is on heart awakening and spiritual activation of humanity and helping others to find their divine purpose as a soul.

 Her work assists one to feel divine love and to experience the presence and touch of the Angels and Masters in their everyday life. Her offerings both rekindle faith in Spirit and bring a new sense of peace, support and empowerment to all those who cross her path." 

Bryan deFlores ~ www.lightquest-intl.com


The Seer Almine revealed this to her in 2009:

“Goddess of Light who in Oneness abides,

Limited resources; I shall provide,

Fear not scarcity, nor lack that was,

For all that went before but was a dream.

Naught is as it seems. For all that I AM cannot be understood,

With your being it is experienced and felt, as it should.

As you remember our Oneness yet again, a great change on Earth shall take place,

For as a Goddess, a proxy you are, as you walk among men,

A gift from afar. Blessings you bring, as you remember your Light,

So for humanity, you shall fold back the night.

You shall help them awaken and stand in majesty,

For humanity as a root race, this is their destiny!”

~ Almine ~ www.spiritualjourneys.com 


Received by Marlene in the middle of the night on April 19, 2017: 

"Don your Robe of Light. Wear your diamond crown. Hold your scepter of Light and Truth. You have been anointed. You are the Queen of Clarity - a diamond bright. You will have to learn to trust this ability and level of access. Wear your Robe with honor, Dear One, you have earned it well."


Marlene works with energy modalities and is a qualified Lightwaves Energy Infusion© practitioner. She is also a qualified Quick Pulse© practitioner as well as an Advanced Pulse© practitioner.  See Testimonials.

 Marlene has appeared as a guest on Stephen Cook's InLight BlogTalk Radio Show, and has had several interviews by Circle of Hearts OM Times Radio Show Host, Allayah Frisch. 

Marlene is the author of 'The Hilarion Connection©Books One, Two and Three' which are available on www.amazon.com and its online stores across the world and the books are available for distribution to bookstores through Amazon.

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