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Be it known to all my visitors that the following 'spiritual' people publish my articles on their blogs without my permission in order to generate credibility and business for themselves while clearly ignoring the message stated at the end of all my articles: 

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

All rights reserved to the author/scribe and www.therainbowscribe.com.  Copying, translating and sharing of this message is not permitted. The making of videos of this message in any language is not permitted. This article is for the reading enjoyment of those who come to this website:




 It states VERY clearly at the end of each of my channeled messages that copying, translating and sharing is not given permission by me, the Scribe/Channel. All of my material is copyrighted to me, the one who does the work and makes the sacrifices to bring these forth. I am strongly defending my sovereign rights as owner of these messages and the http://www.therainbowscribe.com . I DO NOT SUPPORT THESE BLOGS AND THE CHAOTIC DUALITY TIMELINES THEY PROMOTE. PLEASE BE DISCERNING IN YOUR CHOICE OF THE NEW EARTH REALITY TIMELINE YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE.

Dishonesty and disrespect will be posted here for all to become awake and aware of! (It is dark energies that do not care about permission...these entities have been confronted by me before...this is not the first time!)

Beware of these entities!

I DID NOT AND DO NOT CONSENT TO THE THEFT OF MY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. These entities on the link below are highly questionable in my personal opinion, and untrustworthy as well.



Permission not given to copy and paste my copyrighted material!



www.TheRainbowScribe.com - Evidence of Theft 2021

 www.TheRainbowScribe.com - THEFT OF MY WORK 2

(I guess the corruption in the world right now makes it seem O.K. to do what you are doing.) It sure makes what I have joyfully shared from the Divine on my private website not even worthwhile...everything I do gets stolen, copied and pasted and translated and then translated back to the English language but vastly distorted in the original meaning, in order to siphon visitors to the dishonest person's website and/or You Tube Channel.) Recently - (April 2021 - they have started using subliminal programming in the background of the videos, as well.) BE AWARE AND HOLD YOUR LIGHT AND HIGH FREQUENCY!

Here is the distorted version in the link below and below that my video:


  Hilarion - MAY 2021










Era of Light

 MESSAGE SENT: September 12, 2020. 

REMOVE my Hilarion message from this blog immediately! 

DO NOT USE ANY OF MY MESSAGES HERE! It gives people the impression that I support what you do and that is a LIE! You are so dishonest! ~ Marlene Swetlishoff





Permission not given to copy and paste my copyrighted material!



Oden Synonymous - Message de Hilarion canalisé par Marlene Swetlishoff 2020






 Love Has Won.org


 CGCT Commentary: This is a special message from Mother God herself calling out the Lightworker community that failed their contracts with her. This channeler was in support of Mother God back in 2007, sharing her articles and making videos. As soon as Mother God presented herself as Mother God to the Lightworkers community they all turned against her, including this being. This led to ample amounts of heartbreak that Mother God had to process as the strongest Lightworkers chose ego over God and love while still promoting that they are serving love (also posting channelings from Ground Crew members that are with GOD in embodiment and not allowing the messages to be shared on other platforms). This author permits anyone from posting her messages on other websites however in the words of Mother God ?Thanks for your help, I made it. You took down the truth, karma's a bitch! 


Note from Marlene: "One has only to read her commentary to get the picture." 





Higher Density Blog 

This being who consistently steals my private content is definitely DARK! He feels ENTITLED to do so...you will have a day of reckoning, Dark One! I have it on God authority. So be it!

May 5, 2021 - I disclose that this entity is known to be a dark psy-ops agent ... lying is his game! I DID NOT AND DO NOT CONSENT TO THE THEFT OF MY WORK on the link below!


MASTER HILARION CONNECTION UPDATE * January 2021 - Higher Density Blog (wordpress.com)

The Hilarion Connection© Update ? January 2021 ? Oracles and Healers ? Higher Density Blog (wordpress.com)








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