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                   THE ADVANCED PULSE©

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 What is the Advanced Pulse and how is it different from The Quick Pulse?

 Like The Quick Pulse, The Advanced Pulse is part of the Quantum Energetics Disciplines founded by www.JoDunning.com  

It uses a higher more refined frequency of energy to clear items from your life. With the Advanced Pulse © we are able to go much deeper into how discomfort, dis-ease, and/or pain are showing up in your life and clear them more quickly.

 Unlike The Quick Pulse© where you do not need to share what you’re working on, with The Advanced Pulse© you will be sharing your topics to clear.  Of course you can phrase your items anyway you wish to protect your privacy.

What Happens in a Session?

While the Advanced Pulse Technique© and The Quick Pulse Technique© are two separate techniques, they are both clearing techniques that work very similarly. They are designed to clear what clients focus on, making room for more of what they would like to experience in their lives.  Clients are asked to bring with them a list of five or six items that they would like to have different in their lives. For the few minutes of the process, the role of the client is to silently bring to mind one of the items on their list and to think of all of the ways that they do not like it, all of the ways it gets in their way, all of the ways it is uncomfortable for them. During this time, the practitioner starts the energy work to begin clearing the items the client has brought to mind. When the practitioner notices the energy stop, the client is instructed to bring their attention back.

Practitioners certified in The Advanced Pulse Technique© have been trained to direct the session in a way that allows the deepest work to be done on the issues that arise,  the practitioner and client will briefly discuss what came up for the client during the process, and the practitioner will gently guide the client in choosing the next item to address.

Advanced Pulse Technique©

The Advanced Pulse Technique © is a new way to help change things you would like to have different in your life.The Advanced Pulse© is more laser-like in it’s approach, addressing the root causes that create challenges in your life.

During a session, you will share a list of 5 or 6 items you want to have different in your life. We will find a starting point and then fall into a rhythm of talking and sitting together quietly.

After a session, or often even at the end of it, you will notice that you will begin to feel more relaxed and at peace and a sense of freedom and aliveness emerges. The items we addressed will begin to easily fade away.

Investment per session $90.00 U.S.  Advanced Pulse sessions are one hour in length.These sessions are offered through Skype. I will need your land line telephone number when I receive payment.  

Please email me at therainbowscribe@gmail.com for Paypal link with "Advanced Pulse session" in the subject line. I will send you the payment link in reply. Thanks!




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