Ajoite Crystal Speaks


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  A turquoise blue color that is usually within a clear crystal quartz. Connects to the Stellar Gateway chakra (9th chakra) and the air and starlight element. Aligns to musical note B and F sharp.

 The Message:

We, the Ajoite crystal consciousness have great affinity with the human family and are here during these times to help the Earth and humanity’s ascension into a new dimension. We are here to help align and awaken each human who works with us to remembrance of the potential of spiritual power that they hold within them. This power is one they held in ancient times which they hid within them as potent potential of who they are in a cosmic perspective.

We are a highly spiritual crystal and work primarily to open the Stellar Gateway chakra (9th chakra). As this chakra is opened, it raises the individual to the higher spiritual realms which facilitates communication with the angels and other beings of Light. This is where the soul experiences a vast expansion of creation that will help one to forgive and feel compassion for self and others. Through this process, one can bring healing to self on all levels of being, especially the physical body.

The use of our crystalline being will have a powerful effect on the individual auric field and this will facilitate a reconnection to one’s Lightbody vehicle. Working with the higher spiritual chakra system from the ground up, it is helpful to pause at each chakra and wait until a pulsing is felt before moving up to the next chakra as this assists in the unification in the higher chakras with one’s energy field. Keeping our crystalline being on one’s physical body is all that is required in order to have our vibration begin to resonate within one’s etheric body.

We help to create the changes that will improve a person’s life as they expand their potential and begin to view the world in a new way. As one begins to accept new ideas and to master new abilities, one opens up parts of self that they did not know were buried within them and assists them to be able to take their life in a new direction. As one enhances creativity within them, they begin to discover new qualities of spirit as they embrace and utilize different ways of seeing and doing things in their world which assists them to bring forth new possibilities they may not have considered before.

We are an excellent aid to help one to make contact with the angelic realms in order to move one’s life to a place where they can gain angelic assistance in many ways. We gently facilitate spiritual growth to a new and higher level of spiritual cognition. We help a person to become as one with the universe as their awareness is moved outwardly to encompass the larger framework of other people, life forces, other world realities, and divinity itself. In this way, one becomes more aligned and more perfected as well.

When one begins to focus on these larger energies, they move out of their small world and step into a new universal awareness where almost anything is possible from a reality creating standpoint. This shift to unlimited possibilities is very powerful as one begins to remember and utilize spiritual gifts and talents from one’s past lifetimes and incorporates that learning into their present life.

Thank you for this opportunity to communicate our truths to you.

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