AMAZONITE CRYSTAL

 From the collection of Denali Morgan, Alaska,U.S.A.


A soft green-blue crystal that is pleasing to look at. This stone aligns with the heart, higher heart, and throat chakras and the air and starlight elements. Musical notes F and G.


The Message:


 Channelled image of Amazonite Crystal Deva by ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

We, the Amazonite crystal consciousness come forward to address those who will read these words. We are known as a stone of truth and we help an individual who works with us to perceive the truth in all things. We facilitate clarity in all communication with others. Our stone gives the ability for an individual to sort through and analyse information they encounter by trusting their intuition and their own inherent wisdom. We help them to know themselves and to have the courage within to follow their own heart. When faced with making difficult choices and decisions we help individuals to see clearly what they must do and help them set firm and appropriate boundaries.

We are a beneficial stone for those who write and do other creative work as well. We assist an individual to articulate and to combine the simple concepts with the profound in a way that can be appreciated and easily understood. We are the stone to wear to help alleviate anxiety concerning the prospect of speaking in front of others and can clear negative energies in ones auric field. We are known to clear electromagnetic pollution emitted from computers, microwaves, or cell phones and also to block the effects of geopathic radiation as one has been exposed to these erratic or disturbing energies. We help balance the male and female energies within a person’s personal energy field.

We can bring the subtle bodies of an individual into alignment, and help to open one's subconscious to the subtle messages from the higher realms. Our influence on a person’s energy field has a vivifying and balancing effect and adds joyful meaning in all that they sense and perceive around them in all living things. They can develop a keen perception of all that is sacred with their sixth sense. They can exemplify the quality of infinite patience when dealing with others. These individuals can become a natural leader who is drawn to teach, heal and inspire others. They usually have a strong desire to share their vision with others which quite naturally predisposes them to enter the field of writing and teaching what they know. They have the gift of being able to heal others and to bring peace and understanding to them. 

We can help connect an individual with the sensitivity and gentleness of their natural empathic nature, at the same time, to combine it with practical and resourceful common sense in the setting of clear boundaries. This results in the ability to see both sides of the coin in any situation. We empower our wearer in a way which facilitates self-discovery and self-awareness and fosters the ability to embrace their own integrity and truths. We can bolster their confidence in living according to their own values and beliefs. Spiritual beliefs and the belief in oneself are made stronger while personal truths are more easily understood and accepted. The communication concerning these truths is made much easier with our influence.

A more rational understanding of one's emotions and needs is gained by the individual who works with us as well as a balance between masculine aggression and feminine values. We help synchronize the physical and spiritual bodies in order to create a mind-body-soul balance, which gives a positive overview of the whole picture, creating an overall calming effect on the individual. We have the amazing ability of helping an individual let go of the old stagnant parts of their life that are no longer useful, allowing the wearer to move on and become all that they were meant to be.

We are joyous to be given this opportunity to bring our message!

  ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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