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 This fossilized stone has a beautiful soft coppery glow that creates a warm golden, light. It aligns to the sacral and solar plexus chakras and the Earth and Fire elements. Musical notes D and E.

 The Message: 


 Channeled image of Amber Deva by PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. This image used with permission.

We are an ancient fossilized stone that was once in organic liquid form which occurred over millions of years. Because of this activity we can be helpful in the influence of breaking up crystallized thought forms that keep a person locked into repetitive patterns of mental activity which are not conducive to a higher vibratory state of being. We bring a change in the mood of an individual who wears or holds our stones. We bring them joy, we bring them lightness of being, we bring them happiness and this has in large part to do with our color.

The light, warm golden yellow amber color has an effect on the sacral and solar plexus chakras in a way that is highly beneficial. It helps to alleviate any feelings of sadness within the individual. It is comforting to have our stone upon one’s person for we bring a healing energy. Because we are of the most ancient organic matter on the Earth, we can bring grounding to an individual in a way that enhances their spiritual perceptions. We bring a nurturing energy from the tree family - for this is where our origin began. 

Throughout the millennia, any stones that have crystallized from their original organic substances have been known and regarded as magical and we do contain this element within our current form. We bring a feeling of magic, abundance and prosperity to the wearer of our jewelry in the form of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. There are many places upon the Earth where we as stones are available and so we are easily obtained by anyone who wishes to work with us. 

Throughout the ages, we have been known as a ‘good luck’ stone because of our association with the sun’s positive energies. We help to clear and transmute lower vibrational energies and because of this we are an empowering stone for humanity to wear upon their person. We help with focusing one’s desires into conducive areas of activity. Because of our electrical purifying properties, we are a protective influence. We bring a calm energy that helps uplift and inspire. 

Our stone is beneficial to the subtle energy bodies of the human system and this brings balance and healing to one’s body. We can help to connect an individual to their past life memories and to tune into the akashic records of the ancient happenings upon the Earth in prehistoric times.  We are connected with the plant and animal kingdoms. We embody the elements of fire and earth and can connect a person with many memories preserved within our solidified form. 

We bring a protective grounding nurturing quality to an individual’s life force energy and we help to create healing and restoration from illness and pain. We help to cleanse the lower chakras. We are most helpful to those in these current times who work in front of their computers for long periods of time as we have the ability to absorb, cleanse and protect the body from all types of radiation from the sun’s rays, and from modern technological devices. It is important to remember to place our stone upon a selenite crystal overnight to cleanse the energies that we have absorbed. 

We have strong connection to the Earth and we are a grounding stone for the higher energies so we work wonderfully to help those who are conduits for the higher energies that must be grounded into the crystalline core of the Earth. As such, we are a bridge between the everyday, mundane realities in order to bring in the deeper and more spiritual realities. Wearing our stone on one’s body will help an individual align with all that is good and right and will help to keep them cheerful with the sunniest of disposition. This brings to the wearer inner peace.

We help a person focus during meditation, we help them to relax, to feel positive energy and thoughts. We help to cleanse all the lower chakras so that meditation can take place easily, smoothly and most efficiently. We help an individual to access a wide spectrum of ancient knowledge, for by having our stone in one’s hand while meditating, it can lead to connecting into this ancient knowledge. We help to bring balance and clarity to a person’s mind, body and soul. When one is in need of healing, one can hold our stone to connect to the life force of the universe which will help speed the return to wholeness and wellness.

We are grateful for this opportunity to speak our truth.

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The Amazing channelled image of

the Amber Fossilized Crystal Salamander Deva

©2016 by Janine Keall

The Amazing channelled image of

the Amber Fossilized Crystal Salamander Deva

©2016 by Janine Keall



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