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From ©Marlene Swetlishoff collection

This beautiful deep purple crystal is aligned to the higher human energy centers, the brow (3rd Eye), crown, soul star and stellar gateway chakras and the fire and starlight elements. Musical notes E and A with C major.

The above image used with permission from the artist ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

The Message:

We, the amethyst crystal consciousness come forward at this time to pledge our support to all humanity, to help them in many ways. One of the ways that we can be of assistance is in healing the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body to bring balance, equilibrium and peace into the human body system. Many times it is the mental body that is working overtime, beset by the happenings of the day or the previous day – things that the person just cannot let go of, that keeps distracting and taking away their precious life energy while they are focusing upon these thoughts. We come in and are very helpful to balance and heal this occurrence. We soothe the mental and emotional body so that one can quickly regain mental and emotional equilibrium in whatever way that they have been affected, in whatever situation that triggered this to happen.

We are very helpful and supportive. Many times people are beset with many obstacles and problems that come before them one after another, seemingly without a break in between. This is happening frequently during these times, for these times are the times of change, of purification, of clearing and transformation. We help to bring stability and order to one’s being. We help to bring healing on all levels; we do this lovingly and willingly, we do this in order to bless each person and help them to rise up in their consciousness, to become all that they are meant to be, that which they always were, in truth.

All that is required to utilize our energies is to be willing to take full responsibility for all the energies, thoughts, words and deeds that the human has created. They must be willing to accept responsibility and want deeply to change these into something that is more conducive and in alignment with the Divine being that they truly are. We open the way for this to happen with grace and ease. We have the effect of calming and soothing a person who is going through some mental or emotional upset and we facilitate the transmission of energies that help by going to the neural pathways of the brain to bring balance.

We help one to connect with the higher spiritual dimensions, we help one to connect with their spirit guides and teachers, we help people to move to a higher spiritual vibration as they hold our crystalline being within their hands or by the wearing of our stone upon their person. We hold a high spiritual energy that is conducive to meditation, to the connection of the higher spiritual realms of Light. We contain the energies of the new Earth reality and can help humanity move forward and anchor into living in the new Golden Age of Aquarius.

If every person on the planet wore one of our crystalline beings upon their person, there would be more peace, more harmony, more joy and cooperation between all peoples of the world. The color of our crystalline being is a very high vibration. It is the color of the ray upon which the new civilization will be founded. We facilitate the opening of one’s higher faculties and energy centers and by utilizing our crystalline being, it will enhance one’s ability to reach and connect with the higher dimensional beings, the Angelic guides, the teachers, the spiritual guides, the Guardian angels, to watch over each person upon the planet.

We are also an ancient stone and during the times of Lemuria and during the times of Atlantis, every healing Temple contained a bed made from our crystalline substance. This was used and utilized because of our capacity to heal and soothe and calm the human energy system. We are what would be termed ‘indispensable’ for every person. We are at the same time, a crystalline being that will bring joy to the wearer of our stone. We facilitate protection against any negative energy and we keep the energy field of each person who wears our stone upon their being, free from all that is not for their highest and greatest good.

We are powerful protectors. Those who are attracted to our crystalline beings are the highly evolved souls who understand that the color of our crystalline stone signifies that which is of royalty, of one who has advanced in their spiritual journey and understanding and the mastery of self, one who has achieved mastership. As the new age moves forward into its progression as the new Golden Era of humanity’s civilization, we will gain a greater reputation for being very life enhancing, with spiritually enhancing effects.

We are aligned to the Devic kingdom and we work in tandem with the Devas of the nature kingdom, we work with the Devas of the natural world to bring harmony, divine structure and order to everything that manifests upon this planet. We look forward to working more closely with humanity in the coming times. We are so very honored to have this opportunity to come forward and speak our truth. May all be blessed. So be it!

©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the author/scribe and www.therainbowscribe.com. (This article is an excerpt from a soon to be published book and cannot be shared).