AMETRINE CRYSTAL


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 This crystal is a lovely violet to deep purple amethyst with areas of yellow citrine. This stone is aligned with the solar plexus, brow and crown chakras and the fire and starlight elements. Musical notes E, A and B.

  The Message


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 We, the ametrine crystal consciousness are delighted to bring forward our message to humanity! We are a stone that is a combination of two quartz crystalline substances and as such, we have an amplified energy. The first crystal is the amethyst which stimulates the crown chakra and the other crystal is citrine which stimulates the solar plexus chakra. Together, we assist the wearer of our stone to merge and balance the masculine and feminine energies within them into a harmonious unification by the combined influences of the calming and cleansing energy of amethyst and the sunny creativity of the citrine influence.

We can help the wearer of our stone to stay grounded while they connect to the higher dimensions. Our influence helps to release any negative or stressful energies within a person’s energy field. We quickly help the wearer to achieve peace and harmony within. We also help an individual to feel creatively inspired. We are the ‘go to’ crystal stone for psychic artists as they require an open crown chakra in order to bring through their visions from the higher spiritual realms. We establish clarity of mind in the wearer of our stone, enabling them to connect with their divine guidance in a balanced way.

By wearing our stone each day, we assist the individual to navigate all aspects of their daily life in a harmonious and integrated way. We help the individual during quiet times of stillness, meditation, prayers or contemplation to stay concentrated and focused. This helps them to achieve a stronger alignment with their inner divine guidance, multi-dimensional and intuitive capacities. This can assist them to make powerful changes in the direction they choose for their life path.

We enable a direct connection to an individual’s higher aspects and spiritual understanding. We also inspire them to carry through on the guidance received by bringing it into physical manifestation in their daily life activities. We increase their ability to receive life’s gifts and to give back in equal measure. This helps and enhances a greater unfoldment of all of their psychic gifts. We assist them to explore possibilities not previously perceived and can help to bring them creative solutions where they are needed.

Our stone encourages the feelings of optimism, joy and a sense of overall well being no matter what is occurring around the individual. We uplift and increase inspiration within the wearer of our stone. We are a helpful stone to use during the transformative times humanity is now traversing. We enhance greater spiritual growth, understanding and awareness which can bring about a healing within mind, body and soul into a wholeness of being. 

 We vibrate with joy to bring our message through!

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