©Marlene Swetlishoff, Guardian of this stone

A milk white crystal aligned to the heart, third eye and crown chakras and the element water.

The Message:

We are delighted to come forward! We are the crystal consciousness known as Analcime. We are a crystalline being that serves to enhance connection to higher states of perception. We help to clear the meridians of the human body so that a higher connection to the spiritual realms can more easily take place. We bring energy movement up the spinal column, allowing the kundalini energy to move upwards to the crown chakra in a safe manner.

We strengthen one’s confidence and belief in their abilities and encourage them to take action to manifest their creative ideas. We bring concentrated focus to any project that an individual is working on. We emit a laser like beam of energetic assistance to help them gain mental clarity until the project is completed, usually in record time. We help the bearer of our crystal stone to move into areas of multi-dimensional thought and to examine ideas from an objective perspective.

 Our impact upon the human consciousness is not immediate, patience is required as attunement takes place but the bearer will find the process personally rewarding. Our ability to tune into the personal tones of one’s harmonic signature assures the greatest assistance can be given. As the crown chakra is stimulated and new insights are revealed, we assist the bearer in gaining access to the higher consciousness of their being.

 Once the attunement process is made, there is always a strong connection that will stand the test of time. An individual merely has to hold our stone in their hand and the connection begins. We are the crystal of choice for those who desire to develop their extra sensory abilities for we help to make this happen. We keep their energetic field stable and supported as they are reconnected with their higher aspects.

  We excel in giving support during times of transmutation and transformation. We stimulate the connection to the well of creativity that exists within the individual and help them to bring new ideas into manifestation. We can help to clear any energies that are not conducive to the highest well being of the bearer of our stone. Even though we are small, we emit a powerful beneficial effect upon the human energy field.

 It is a pleasure to speak with you!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu'tama

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