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                       CALL UPON ANGEL VIOLET 

Beloved Lightworkers,

I come on the wings of love! I come forward with great joy and happiness to be able to come through and speak with you, for this channel has a great line up waiting to take their turn to speak to the beloved Lightworkers upon the Earth. It is a great honor to speak with you and I would like to share with you my great love and joy, for as you work and call upon the sacred fire and the sacred fire love, I am one of the violet flame Angels, who comes forward in response.

 As you call upon this sacred fire, I and many other angels of the violet flame spring into action. We have the ability to take this violet flame and direct it wherever necessary and as this violet flame is directed upon an individual or upon a situation, the Light of God never fails. There is transmutation, transformation and clearing and that which held density and darkness is transmuted into Light. When you, the beloved Lightworkers call upon the violet flame, remember my name, Angel Violet and I shall be by your side.

I, Angel Violet and the violet flame Angels will be by your side. We have the ability to heal as well as transmute and during these times, there is much that needs clearing, transmuting and healing. We, the violet flame Angels are very, very busy working together with you to create more Light upon this world. There has been much progress made already!

There is much that has been cleared from the center of the Earth which radiates outward and this will continue to be done by us in the days ahead. Know that at this time, if you could but see, your sky and all the areas surrounding you and your world, the multitudes of Angels of every Ray, for we are all here, we are all eager to give assistance to humanity as they call upon us. We are ever so joyous to be called into action and it is a great honor for us, a great honor to be of service in this way, to work in unison with you, the beloved Lightworkers of planet Earth.

Reach out to the Heavenly realms, reach out to the Angelic realms, and call upon me, Angel Violet, whenever you need a quick transmutation of any situation, whether it be in your thought processes, or the need for healing, or for emergency action. I will come. Know that I and the rest of the violet flame Angels are always ready to serve you. We love you unconditionally. We are always ready to be of assistance and surround you with the violet flame whenever it is called upon.

I am Angel Violet and I am so very honored to have the opportunity to speak with you in this way.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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