AN ANGEL WHO FINDS THINGS



I come on the wings of love! I am Altair. I am one of the angels who can find things. We are very happy to be able to let humanity know that we are available to give them this service when they need it. Many times, a person does multi-tasks, trying to get them all done simultaneously and this can lead them to lose focus and misplace an item that is important to them. When this occurs, they can call upon me or another angel who finds things and we will work with them to find it.

We prompt an individual when they ask us, to go back in their remembrance to the last time they remember having that item in front of them and start from that point. In this way, we tune into the item through the visual image we receive of the item they are looking for. Then we trace the energetic signature of the item. Every item always has an energy signature because everyone and everything in Creation is composed and manifested through the manipulation of energy, so it is usually easy to locate the item quickly.

Sometimes, however, there is no remembrance of the last time the item was seen and it is more challenging to locate it. It is for this reason, it is important for people to practice mindfulness in all that they do. That means they should have one pointed concentration on one task at a time. In this way they are fully conscious of everything that they do as they do it and will have clarity in all that comes before them. With such a practice, they might not ever need to call upon these angels but then we, the angels, would not experience the joy of helping.

When a person calls upon the angels who find things, we will give them guidance and an inner knowing of where their item is located and in all likelihood that is where they will find it. We might also surprise them with the return of their lost item in amazing and magical ways that seem to be a miracle. As our skill to locate lost or misplaced items is utilized, each person who has called upon us will learn to trust our loyalty and reliability to be of help in their times of need.

People can expand their use of angelic assistance in times that they need a parking spot close to the building they need to go to, or in finding just the perfect gift for a friend or even by asking the angels who find things to lead them to the perfect website that offers exactly what they need to find quickly and easily. Sometimes, when one has been thinking about finding an answer to a burning question they have, they will find themselves miraculously led to just the right place on the internet that provides it and it is all done quickly and easily with no feeling of stress or desperation in the doing of it. We find joy in providing this service!

I AM Angel Altair

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