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 Angel Aura Quartz Cluster

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This beautiful iridescent rainbow reflecting stone aligns to the higher chakras that hold the Christ consciousness and aligns to the starlight element to open to the abilities within one’s energetic field. Musical notes B and high A.

The Message:

 We are a mystical stone that assists one to connect and open the portals to the skills, knowledge and talents that one has accumulated through their experiences in the world of matter on Earth and also other planets. It is here where these skills and talents can be returned to an individual from the higher multi-dimensional inner realms of one’s being.

The iridescent colors that are a part of our crystalline structure have been enhanced by a chemical process which gives greater clarity and intensity to the one who holds it. It is recommended that this crystal be used for one’s sacred journeys into higher realms of consciousness during the times of inner stillness and quiet mind.

It is during these times that we are more able to connect the individual in a way that facilitates a greater understanding and integration with their higher aspects of self. Our influence allows the individual to experience other lifetimes in order to open a gateway to bring them more fully into their present and assist them to create their optimum future reality.

We help an individual to connect with their greatness of being, to bring their Lightbody into one’s physical reality in order to facilitate the further assimilation of cosmic Light and connect them to the cosmic Christ energies that are available to them to be utilized.

Through consistent use, one clears the pathway forward into greater comprehension of soul purpose for the current lifetime and a way forward is presented to ones waking consciousness. As one travels this pathway, more knowledge becomes available to be accessed.

 The energy and emotion of love in its many facets is an integral part of our function. We help to open doorways to love’s greater expression in ones everyday life so that it becomes a constant enriching and fulfilling experience.

Ours is the gentle and permanent transformation that occurs in a way that feels natural and nurturing. Our focus is to bring an individual to wholeness and completion of all soul lessons and experience. We bring the potential of full Christ consciousness to the one who is ready to live a life of wonder and magic.

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