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                 ANGEL MESSAGE - AUGUST 2020


 Greetings Beloved Ones,

I come to let you know of the love that we, the Angels feel for you. Our love is unconditional and we see only your higher aspects in totality. To those of the Angelic realms, you can do no wrong, you are whole and perfect always. Please keep this in mind when you think to call upon us, for we have no judgments upon any of your Earthly doings or your thoughts, only a deep abiding love for you at all times. We serve all on behalf of the Creator in this way, for the Creator is only love.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Before it, resistance is futile. It is the great softener of that which is unyielding and hard to penetrate, it is unequaled in its capacity to embrace all, it is a substance of  Creator and is imbued with the vital power to transform all things back into your original perfection, the perfection that you already are. Allow this power into your hearts to heal yourselves and radiate it outwards to heal others, for you are the instruments of the Creator and you are here to do this on Creator’s behalf. You are the Creators emissaries and ambassadors of love and Light. Shine your Creator attributes upon all whom you encounter in your daily activities. The love of Creator effects great changes.

At this time, the Earth is shining ever brightly and there is a great potential to increase that radiance even further, so we invite you to spend some time each day by going within and remembering that you are Creator here to love the Earth and all upon her back to the original blueprint at the time of Creation in this galaxy. Truly, there is a great Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon her and this Plan is majestic in its scope. As you live your lives day by day, you are accomplishing the objectives that you took upon yourselves as aspects of Creator to manifest on this world. Every time you feel the love of your heart, you emanate this into your world for a greater distance than you can imagine. And we say to you, that each of you, whether advanced Lightworkers, or those who have just awakened, you are an integral piece of the Divine Plan and very necessary.

Allow yourselves to feel worthy of this trust that Creator has placed in you. You who are here upon the Earth at this time were chosen, each of you is the chosen one. You are magnificent beings of Light, each and every one of you and one day you will encounter the true reality of your being and you will be amazed that you could not see it before! If at this time in your life you cannot even imagine this, then trust, Dear Ones, that it is so! You are loved beyond measure for the Light that you are and the Light that you hold. All is seen in the higher realms of Light and the truth of your being is easily discerned.

Call upon the Angels to walk your walk with you and we will enfold you in our wings of love and protection.

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