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 I come on the wings of love! I am one of the legions of angelic beings who work with humanity to bring to them the highest outcomes in the requests they make as they encounter challenges and difficulties in their daily lives. By calling upon the angels who bring the highest outcomes, a person will connect to one and we then surround this person and work with them, guiding them and overseeing all the different ways of the things that need to be cleared, that need resolution, to open up the way for the highest outcome for their situation to be manifest. This we do until the deed is accomplished!

 Since there are so many people experiencing great challenges during these times as the ascension process continues, we are kept very busy and we are grateful to be of service in this way. We love to be of service and to be employed and we encourage humanity to know that they can call upon us so that we can work in unison with them to bring the resolution, the peace, and the harmony that is necessary in order that each individual moves forward on their spiritual path.

Many times in difficult situations, what is required is a change of thought within the individual who is experiencing these difficulties. It requires the need for them to see from a higher perspective so that they can put their current difficulty into a perspective of calm acceptance and practical resolution. Life upon a physical planet has its challenges and that is why we are here in order to assist. Each individual upon the planet has a higher connection and we strive to bring this knowledge into the awareness of each person.

For you are all connected to the Divine, you are connected to the angelic realms. We are here to serve. We do not have free will as you do. We follow Divine Source in all that is given to us and we serve with gratitude and joy as we are requested to do so. Many people have forgotten or do not believe in the angelic realms, although throughout the history of your planet, there have been many instances of angelic intervention, Divine intervention, in the lives of the Earth’s citizens. We have always been around - we have always been assisting those who call upon us.

In order for us to be of the greatest assistance, the person who calls upon us must truly believe that they will receive what they are asking for. This is an area that needs some improvement during these times. One must feel worthy to receive whatever it is they are asking for and it behooves us now to point out that you are always worthy, that you are always unconditionally loved, that you, humanity, always have recourse by calling upon the higher dimensional spiritual beings.

We gladly serve, for it is our greatest joy to help each human person upon the planet to achieve connection with the higher dimensions and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen, one person at a time! We always endeavor to serve with every atom of our being, every bit of our love and our Light to help each individual who believes in us and calls upon us.

I leave you now, with such gratitude for this opportunity to speak to you on behalf of the angelic beings who work to bring the highest outcome for each person who calls upon us for assistance. We are here and we bring the blessings of the Divine with great gratitude for this opportunity to speak our truth. And so it is!

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