ANNA, ANGEL OF STRENGTH

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I am Anna, the Angel of Strength. I give assistance to those who are in need of it to connect within to the core of their being where they can align with their eternal soul and divine essence of their own truth. Every person can access deeper levels of their soul knowledge and experience. During challenging times, this connection makes a profound difference in ones response to varied situations that they encounter.

By accessing these deeper levels, a person learns to develop the ability to remain calm and neutral and this state of being helps build strength in their spiritual body as they respond to trying situations in their daily life. Those who have amassed a great deal of experience in summoning the strength within are usually old souls who have had many incarnations upon the denser planes of existence.

Tapping into ones strength requires the implementation of moments of stillness and inner connection and the alignment with one’s higher consciousness. This practice enables an individual to respond in an appropriate manner that is conducive to the spiritual path they have chosen in this lifetime and their willingness to follow it. When faced with the opportunity to use their higher faculties of discernment in difficult or unusual circumstances, this attribute of strength is a tremendous asset to them.

 As Overseer of the divine qualities of strength, I work with an individual’s higher aspects in a way that helps them to connect within to their own truth and knowing of self and what feels right within their heart. It is in this crucial knowledge of self that great gains can be made upon one’s spiritual expansion in the denser realities. Every soul needs to develop this quality in order to master the physical planes of life experience.

Strength is also needed when learning new lessons that are presented during ones physical incarnation upon the planet. It goes hand in hand with mental discipline, for mind is the builder of ones reality and it is important to focus ones attention on what it is that one desires to experience in their current lifetime. This attribute can be engaged by calling upon the Angel of Strength when it is required and the connection to ones higher consciousness will be facilitated. Ask and you shall receive!

I AM Anna, Angel of Strength

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