ANHYDRITE CRYSTAL SPEAKS                                  (also known as Angelite)

©Marlene Swetlishoff collection 

This crystal is a soft medium blue which helps to open the heart, throat and crown chakras. Helps to align to the starlight element. Aligns to musical notes G flat and B sharp.

The Message:

We come to the Earth from the Pleiades. We were brought to seed the Earth after the fall of Atlantis in order to give assistance to the survivors of the deluge to know that they are not alone or abandoned on their journey of experience upon this planet. We were just one of many crystalline beings that were seeded within the planet to wait for the time we could truly be of service and assistance to humanity. That time is now!

We work to strengthen the qualities of courage and resolve within the hearts of humanity. Our crystalline being brings a feeling of peace and contentment to the one who holds or wears us. Those who work with us are rewarded with the healing of their emotional state of being. Blue is a calming and pacifying color so this brings those states of being to the ones who surround themselves with our energies.

As crystalline beings, we have ability to help increase telepathic ability in those who work with us. We serve as a tool, a contact point for connection to the higher realms and we can open up the crown chakra, brow and throat chakra so that contact with higher frequency beings and communication can take place. We bring peace and calm which helps to open the psychic senses. Always we enfold those who work with us with the energy of love.

As the crystalline grids of the Earth were re-activated, we, the crystalline kingdom, have been enabled to function at a higher level than before. All that takes place on Earth affects every dimension of expression and experience. Our abilities have been given a boost in power as well so that we can now be of even greater assistance to those who resonate with our energy and emanation.

At the heart of every experience of every being on this planet and the many others in the universe is the inherent desire to serve the greater good of creation in the ways that each being has been uniquely created for. We as anhydrite beings serve as comforters and healers as we attune to our human families needs each time they connect to us. Each experience is as different as the diverse needs of the human family who work with us. We can attune to them and give our support as needed.

It is our great pleasure to speak to you in this way!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu'tama

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