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 This beautiful aqua colored stone is aligned to the heart and higher heart chakras and the air and starlight elements. Musical notes F and G.


 The Message:

Greetings! We are the apatite crystal consciousness coming forward to bring to you a message of love, peace and goodwill. We are a stone that resonates with the high heart, the thymus gland area in the human operating system. We help to bring a clearing to the higher heart chakra and to open up the higher avenues of spiritual communication. We enhance a person’s psychic awareness and open their mind to higher inspiration, deep insight and healing. We are an excellent clearing stone when a person is experiencing confusion or negativity and we help them to connect with their inner knowledge and inner truth which is highly beneficial to them.

We are a high frequency stone and we help individuals to connect their mind and their heart so that there is unobstructed access to their higher wisdom, insights, guidance and knowledge. When we are fashioned into a faceted gemstone, our beauty is unsurpassed and irresistible to behold. We help to facilitate multidimensional travel when a person sits in meditation. We help an individual to connect to other realms, other dimensions and have communion with them. Our energies can also open communication with the animal kingdom. We can connect individuals to the realms of the future which could be an indispensable ability in bringing through information that will be helpful on one’s personal journey in their present circumstances.

 The wearing of our beautiful stone can help a person to keep their energy field clear, positive and heart focused. Because of our positive energies, we are useful in attracting financial prosperity and abundance of every good thing. As we open up the heart chakra, we enable an individual to find balance within and to ease stress and anxiety. We help an individual to understand their emotions and to know what it is they need to live a happy life. We help people to accept all the changes that they are seeing or experiencing in their daily life.

We are the stone that brings the energy of joy and give a sense of emotional health and well being. We bring hope of vibrant good health and happiness. We help individuals as we open up their higher chakras and stimulate their higher functioning psychic abilities which can facilitate communication with the devic and fairy kingdoms. We keep individuals centered on their higher purpose and their spiritual growth. We help them to maintain strength within their being.

We are a crystalline being that is very useful in these changing times as the energies become higher and higher and more intense.  We help in the balancing of energies that are going through the ebbs and flows of spiritual growth and evolvement. The wearing of our stone is highly beneficial for this purpose. We enable a person to walk through their daily life in the state of grace and joy and the sense of ease and to experience mental clarity in all their activities. We bring alignment and peace within all seven chakras. We help to facilitate a profound sense of well being within every individual who works with us.

Our color is very soothing to the eye and to the nervous system within the human body. Our energies uplift a person’s emotional state so that it vibrates at the highest level possible with positive feelings of joy, peace, optimism, and hope. Our blue green color is one of the highest frequencies that is available to benefit humanity. It helps to connect an individual with their higher aspects, their divine essence, so that there is a clear communication that takes place with greater ease and grace, helping the individual.

There comes an opening of the heart chakra which allows a greater integration with ones higher aspects and with aspects from other lifetimes which are then gathered together in unity in this lifetime. This is one of the directives for each soul who is incarnate upon the planet at this time. Sometimes, those who utilize our energies by wearing our stone find themselves too overwhelmed with the higher energy. If this occurs, it is advisable for the individual to slowly work their way into utilizing and blending with our energies gradually. It can be done through patience and persistence.

We bring the element of joy to every person who wears our stone or works with our stone and this is an important state to be in during these changing times, this transitional time between the dimensions. As this unfolds, we can be always of assistance to each and every one who utilizes us in this way. As joy bringers, we help to facilitate the connection to the higher realms of consciousness, to the angelic realms and to the ascended master realms.

We encourage each individual to work with us as we greatly desire to assist in the attainment of personal evolvement within each and every soul incarnate upon the planet. We are grateful for this opportunity to come forward and we leave now with blessings to all.

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 Channelled image of Apatite Crystal Deva by ©Janine Keall

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