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“My Mighty Christ I AM of my life, I call to you to expand your Flame of Divine Love that is within me into a Golden Sun’s Presence of your Cosmic Christ Love and release it out in all directions a thousand feet, a thousand yards, a thousand miles and more, for I remember that this becomes a constant healing, lifting, loving and protecting and perfecting activity to all life within and outside of me.

My Beloved Christ I AM Presence, you are my Source of my life, you have a Divine Plan for my life on Earth, a higher purpose. I call forth the Divine Plan of my life to express through my life stream into my mind, heart, feelings as that Inner Voice that guides me perfectly each day. I call forth the inner knowing of my Inner Light as the Perfect Presence which guides me within my feeling side of life. I hold myself open & ready to receive more of your Presence, Beloved I AM, that I may evolve and expand.

I turn to my own Higher Christ Intelligence and I call forth the inner revealment of all it wants me to know each day. Mighty Presence of Life, show me what you want me to do, speak to me, guide me in all things and in all ways. I love and bless and thank you for the Life you have given me and I call forth your guidance in all things each day and in my outer affairs.”

“Beloved Christ I AM, Great Host of Light, charge all the conditions of my physical life, all the activities and affairs of my life with your Sacred Fire Love, Purity and Power, with your Light, your beauty and perfection. Reveal yourself to me in all things; release the sunshine of your Light inside my mind and the healing of Love’s Eternal Presence within my feelings. I call forth your Garments of Light around me and I turn to you for the release from all limitation. I love life, I honour life, and I choose to release feelings of pain, fear and struggle that has been held in the emotional body. I say ‘yes’ to the Goddess, the Divine Feminine within my feelings and I choose to heal and release those emotions that limit my life on Earth.

Beloved I AM that I AM, release the sunshine of your Light, your Sacred Fire Love deep inside my mind, in all places throughout my feeling side of Life and my physical garment. Expand your Light from out my Heart’s Flame and set me free.

Beloved I AM that I AM, I love to acknowledge and accept the Great Infinite Love Flame that you have placed within my heart and I accept that Great Love Flame as a Source, a lantern of Light and spiritual nutrition to my outer self on Earth. I acknowledge you, my Beloved Divine Christ I AM Presence, a Being of absolute and infinite love, joy, wisdom and perfection and I call upon you to enfold and strengthen me each day in a Cosmic Armour of Light; hold me invisible to the discord that yet exists in the outer world, enfold me in your Armour of Light that makes me more sensitive to your Presence, your promptings, guidance and your inner voice that guides me each day.

My Beloved Christ I AM, I acknowledge your Presence within me and around me and above me; let me feel you, let me know that I am turning to the highest source and power through this outer self as I choose not to do things the difficult way any longer. Charge my feelings with your Flame of Divine Love. For me calling to my Presence and the Ascended Host is the most practical way of Life. Help me to fully realize this so I know and accept and feel this is the most practical way to live life. Make me such a Cosmic Sun’s Presence of your Cosmic Light that I cannot possibly re-qualify the great energy as it flows through me from you. Open the floodgates of your Great Cosmic Gifts of Life.

I acknowledge the Master Presence of Life within my heart and I call forth the seamless Light to express out from my heart into every cell of my physical garment. From my own Christ I AM Presence, I call forth greater streams of pure health into my body, I call forth from out my own Heart Flame, the Light of Illumination into my mind.

Oh Beloved Christ I AM, Great Host of Light, take up my calls, expand your Light within every cell of my body, and I ask my body and my feelings to accept this Greater Light as I consciously choose to release into that Light all the shadows that do not serve my Higher Purpose. Come forth Beloved I AM as the Love, Wisdom and Power expressing through this Earthly Self. Mighty Light of my Life, I open my mind, my feelings and my desires to you, I open my thoughts, my thinking, I open all the places inside my physical garment to you, the Light and Love of my Life. Great God I AM, Mighty Eternal Flame, enter into my mind, my body, my feelings as Love’s Great Correcting Presence, Love’s Eternal Presence.

Beloved I AM within and above me, I adore you, I love you. You come first. In all of my days to come, you shall come first. As I awaken in the morning I shall always turn my attention to you, Mighty Christ I AM within and above. Come forth and glorify your Presence through me, through this Earthly Self, until there is none of me and only Thee. I thank you.

I Am so grateful, I Am so grateful, I Am so grateful, And I Am so blessed, so blessed, so blessed.”







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