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 This beautiful crystal is a soft peachy brown color. Aligned to clear all chakras and harmonizes with the Earth and Fire element. Vibrates to the musical note low C, Instrument - harp.

  The Message:


Aragonite Crystal Deva image ©JanineRose Keall. All rights reserved. 

It is with great delight that we approach you! Greetings and salutations!  We, the aragonite crystal consciousness step forward to bring information regarding the role that we take as a helpful tool to humanity as the world that we exist on evolves into her new state of being as a shining star in the heavens.

We vibrate energetically with the fifth dimension and are therefore very helpful during these current times in our ability to increase the flow of Light and its energetic effects upon the human system. We emit a powerful energy which facilitates the clearing of all meridians in the human body system. By holding our stone in one's left palm, (the receiving hand) an individual can quickly uplift their entire energy field by rejuvenating their chakra system.

We have a beneficial effect in the restructuring of the cells of the human body as these cells become more crystalline in nature. We can also be of assistance in the remembrance of one's spiritual task or mission for the current lifetime. We excite the DNA codons into activating the dormant strands so that they are awakened. This brings an ongoing re-calibration of the human body system into the Divine human  operating system.

We expedite the integration of higher energies as they enter the Earth's atmosphere and facilitate energy movement to clear blocked energy in the ley lines and also alleviate geopathic stress. Holding our stone creates a field of protective Light around a person and can make an individual appear unseen to others upon their strong intention. This is helpful in times when privacy is desired.

We emit and increase the flow of feminine energy that comes through the soles of one's feet which emanates from the Earth's core. We enhance and work in synergy with the energy of healing crystals, in particular, the emerald stone. Together we emit a powerful energy that facilitates healing, rejuvenation and regeneration on all levels of one's being. We open the crown chakra and the eighth, ninth and tenth chakras above that as well which can facilitate a higher frequency connection through these higher chakras.

We are grateful and excited to make this connection with you! We go now.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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