ARCHANGEL ANAMBRIEL - PART 1                                                


 Channelled Image of Archangel Anambriel©Janine Keall


This message from Anambriel came about through a crystal activation

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Archangel Anambriel 

We come to you on the wings of love as a group, a collective if you will. We are from the Archangelic realms. As you may already know, every soul is an integral part of a greater collective of experience that is known as the OverSoul, which is the sum total of all soul aspects and their individual experiences. I, Anambriel, am one of these individual aspects and yet a part of the larger collective too. Each incarnate soul has its own Collective which overlights their incarnation in physicality and guides them on their way. It is why we and the Planetary Ascended Masters say that you are never alone, for it is true.

We are pleased to make your acquaintance and thank you for your attention. At this time in Earth’s history, you are surrounded by beings such as us and we come with the hope that we can bring the knowledge of our presence and also the wisdom we have to share in these important times. Our burgundy robes denote our station, for the burgundy ray is one of the higher dimensional rays in the full spectrum of Source Light. It is a combination of the red and the blue rays of the Divine Feminine.

We are beings who had lifetimes on Earth in the long ago. Our planet of origin was the planet Venus. We came to Earth at a time in her history that required the special energies that we can give to the planet and her inhabitants. We came to support and assist the 144,000 OverSouls and all their soul aspects who volunteered to incarnate in physicality in order to take on the human DNA and also to impart our Venusian DNA into the genetic pool of the incarnates, the ‘local’ inhabitants as they were known at that time.

The Earth and its lifewaves were in the midst of traumatic times that threatened the entire of the planet with extinction. There was a faction of beings from Venus who chose to make the long term effort to uphold and support the planet and her inhabitants in order that the eventual upliftment of the planet into the higher realms took place in the future. And so we came to Earth planet in service to the lifewaves of souls who needed our loving assistance. We are here now.

Venus is known as the planet of love and it was because of our great love for our sister planet and its evolving lifewaves that we came. Venus was a planet that had first hand experience with the beings that had been in control of their planet for long eras of time. The inhabitants of Venus finally chose to leave behind their beautiful crystal cities and homes and all their daily comforts in order to show the controllers that they would not be the slaves to a system of life that benefited only the controllers.

The beautiful crystal cities were abandoned by these brave ones and the controllers realized after a period of time that the Venusian citizens were not returning. They also realized that they, the controllers, were on their own, with no one to serve them. They realized they needed another planet to subjugate in order that their unhealthy system of control and manipulation of its inhabitants could take place. Their system, you see, is perpetuated on the subtle realms of the astral planes and is not easily discerned by the local inhabitants who are incarnate in the physical realms.

And so, the controllers left Venus and came to Earth where they have controlled and manipulated the masses of humanity for millennia into a system of living that does not nurture, support or enhance the soul evolution of the incarnating inhabitants or the sentient planetary being called Earth. However, their method of control is coming to an end as the energies flowing to the planet become more intense and this is causing much chaos and disruption within the human souls of this particular evolutionary lifewave. We as a collective endeavour to support those who ‘awaken’ and become aware and freely choose a different reality that welcomes back the Divine Feminine way of living in harmony, love, peace and unity consciousness.

This is the time that we too, have waited and worked for! We appear to those who can discern our presence and hear our collective voice as the Earth’s stargates and portals open more fully to its inhabitants, that they may realize their Divine unlimited potential. Call upon us, the Venusian Collective, in your need for further understanding. The way forward is known within each of you and we shall endeavour to point the way to you. May you experience safety, grace and ease through these most revolutionary times.

I AM Anambriel

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