ARCHANGEL ANAMBRIEL                                                    - THE VENUSIAN COLLECTIVE - PT.2

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Transmission from Lord Anambriel

We are here. We come in answer to your query which we will attempt to provide. You asked us to explain what an Oversoul is. The Oversoul is a being that is the sum total of all individual experiences of the original eternal soul. This is like a great library of the experiences that have been gained in the soul’s many sojourns of living in physicality, and also in higher dimensions throughout time and space. It is a conglomeration, a sharing, if you will, of all the gathering of experiences, the Oversoul is what one would term the ‘God’ of one’s human incarnation, the God of one’s being.

The Oversoul overlights and oversees each fragment, each individual incarnation that is occurring simultaneously in the current and other life experiences throughout the universe. The Oversoul is the overlighting Divine Presence of each human who is incarnated in this and other lifetimes. This is a very hard concept to comprehend for the human soul who is incarnated in the lower dimensional realms, it is difficult for human souls to understand what a collective, what an Oversoul really is, but this will change as time as you know it moves forward.

In the linear experience, it is very difficult to pinpoint with clarity what Oversoul is, so when we, the collective known as Archangel Anambriel speak, we speak for all the fragments, the soul extensions that have been gathered in their experience. As such we have access to all the knowledge throughout the ages, as such we hold great wisdom and ancient knowledge, ancient methods, ancient techniques which can be brought forth into the current time upon the planet Earth in an upgraded current time vernacular that has the potential to help many people to awaken, to heal and to understand what is occurring upon their planet at this time.

We are a part of you, the Scribe. You are an integral part of our Oversoul. You are a multi-dimensional, multi-universal being. You are working on your Galactic mastership. You have been working on cleansing and purifying all of our aspects that have had lifetimes upon the planet Earth. It has been a difficult process for you many times but you have stayed true to the path that was set for you. You are serving the Divine, we are serving the Divine and for this lifetime your highest directive is to bring forth lost knowledge, lost history of the planet Earth and all of her civilizations and peoples - there have been many.

So this information has not been lost, you have the ability to connect to the Venusian Collective Oversoul that we are to bring back this knowledge. It is not something that can happen instantly, it is something that will develop over time and we are most happy that this is progressing, that you are open to moving beyond former perceptions and Earthly limitations in order to expand. This will come forth in later years in a book format so that others will have easy access to all that we impart.

 We are well pleased by this wonderful opportunity that has now come before us. We are in joy with this new development, this exciting development, for it means bringing more of our total aspects into alignment with your human self. You have the ability to access the Divine at galactic centre. You, in this way bring forth information that is timely, guidance that is timely for these times that you and humanity are experiencing upon planet Earth.

We look forward to more discourses in the near future. Until then, we bless you. We bless all who read or hear the words with the energy of Archangel Anambriel and the Venusian Collective. So be it.

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