Archangel Anambriel – Part 3

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The Transmission:

We come forward; we bring with us the energies of unconditional love and healing, for the world that you live upon at this moment in time is a world that is in the throes of extreme and great changes and we say to you as you experience these energies that are in flux, that soon the energies will be coming forth that are enabling energies, energies that will help to support and assist all the people of the world to work through, transmute and release all that no longer serves the ascension path.

Even if humanity as a whole does not know this, it will be taking place, for this is the area of assistance that is being provided for by the higher dimensional realms in order that this ascension process allows the greatest number of souls to continue on into the ascension of the planet. I, Anambriel, say to you on behalf of the Venusian Collective that it is important that you look to self first. We keep saying these words but many of you listen and do not take heed or take action. It is a very simple thing to look to self first, make yourself the priority during these times.

 Look after your physical, mental, and emotional health and well being. It is  important to also ensure that your energetic body be nourished and cleared each day; for it is your energy field that ultimately has the last say within your physical body so it is important to pay attention to these areas and to this process in order to be attuned always to the energies as they continue to increase in intensity. You have many beings waiting in line to be of assistance to you – all it requires is your awareness that we exist, all it requires is your simple asking for our assistance, and we will help you and guide you, each of you who call. There are legions of angelic beings who work with us.

 We desire to be of greater assistance to humanity during these times, this is why we have come forward to many people who are an integral part of our celestial being. There are many people upon the planet who are receiving information from us and through us and they are continuing to bring in our energies, for our energies are of the highest, purest love energy that is available to be distributed to the Earth and all of her inhabitants. We hold great love – we know how to wield this great energy and power and if some of you will listen, we will instruct you on how to utilize our great energy for the highest good of all.

We work primarily on the pink ray of divine feminine, divine love energy. We surround each person with this pink ray. We direct golden pink energy to each person’s heart chakra in order to help and assist with the wider opening and awakening of this chakra, for this is crucial in the days ahead. One must have an open heart in order to utilize and make the greatest possible acceleration into the higher realms, the higher space that the Earth and all her inhabitants are quickly moving into.

We ask also that those who are alert, awake and aware that you hold this energy of love within your hearts. Let it abide, let it grow each day that it may serve as a catalyst and as a balance for energies that are not of this vibration in order to keep that balance, in order that the Earth and each being upon the Earth stay in equilibrium. Stay in the energies of joy, happiness, excellent health and well being and the blissful energies of unity consciousness. This is so very important and this is the message we wish to impart during this discourse.

Thank you for your attention and your interest, we are well pleased.

I AM Archangel Anambriel

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