Archangel Anambriel – Pt. 4

 We come on the wings of love! These are times of great challenges for humanity. It is difficult to hold on to former structures that served the status quo, for these are being reworked and redesigned in order to meet the rising energetic demands of the human species and the planet Earth. Everything is in the process of change which will eventually bring about a more refined and illuminated way of living. As with all change that occurs, there is a feeling of friction and stress as it takes place.

These changes as they are being experienced can feel very uncomfortable for many of Earth’s inhabitants. Many people are feeling unable to cope with these changes and this resistance to the changes that are occurring is very intense. At this current time, there is a sense of disconnect and a feeling of loss in the sense of unity and belonging within the human family. It requires each person to dig deep and to realign to the higher perspective of the events that are happening.

The people of Earth must make a choice. To stay in the old paradigm is no longer an option, for in truth, it is already fading from view and their personal experience. It is no longer working with the efficiency that it once did. Many systems are breaking and it is advisable for the people of the Earth to continuously adapt to what comes forth for review, acknowledgment and understanding and to recommit to moving forward upon the spiritual journey of the soul.

It is when the old systems are breaking apart that the process of ascension seems to bring about the feeling of chaos and destruction. It is an outer reflection of that which is felt within, for humanity as a whole creates powerful energy movements through their emotional bodies when the emotions are deeply felt. This affects the entire collective of humanity in some way and then requires the use of alchemy within one’s thought and feeling processes to bring about balance and harmony within and without.

Connecting to one’s Divine Essence is essential on a daily basis. Placing one’s focus on the heart center will help to keep each individual grounded in the knowing of their true state of being. The challenge of these times is to stay within this center, for there are many forces that compete and vie for one’s attention. The need for discernment is now imperative so that a person can make instant decisions about what they choose to focus their energy upon. Applying the basic rule of asking the question “how does this situation make me feel?” should assist in making the correct choices. If it doesn’t make one feel good, then it is simply not something that one should engage in.

Know that there are Venusian energies of love and joy that are being broadcast and sent to the Earth and its inhabitants. The animal kingdom is a good indication of how to allow the intense energies to flow through with grace and ease. They simply project more love, joy and goodwill from their physical beings to their human counterparts. Please understand that within the cosmic continuum, all works together as One to assist during the high energy upgrades which are having such a powerful effect upon the planet and its inhabitants. There is much that is good that is in effect on your world and one must decide to look for it and embrace that energy.

And so we come to conclusion with our message for this discourse. All is well from the higher perspective. And so it is!

 I AM Archangel Anambriel of the Venusian Collective

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