November 17, 2018

Jocelyn Joy Thomas

sent an email announcing a new reading by Archangel Azrael. I ordered a reading immediately…

Marlene: “Amazing synchronicity to what I am going through today...I have been demanding of my Oversoul to re-negotiate my soul contract...I am not willing to continue on trying to do my mission in a failing, fragile and ever more limited and painfully disabled physical body (long term rheumatoid arthritis)...I feel that the more I accomplish in terms of spiritual milestones, the more disabled I become, especially in the past year...it is totally unacceptable to me!

I respectfully ask Archangel Azrael for a true higher perspective of this particular millstone around my neck....I want a re-negotiation to occur. I can do so many things and bring many blessings to this world but the old agreement of being held back (whenever I start coming into my soul power) has to be transformed NOW! (Sorry for leaking this determined energy on you, Joy! ... LOL!)”

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JOY: “This is an Archangel Azrael Reading for Marlene…today is December 4, 2018…let’s begin by calling in the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Raphael, Chamuel…and Azrael and as they all come in, they create a circle of love and protection for this reading to occur.

I love that you’re bringing up soul contracts because I’ve been working a lot with them! Kind of timely, like you say the synchronicity is amazing and Azrael helps us with transitions, crossing over energy and this is, I can’t think of a better example…you are kind of in a sense saying, “I want to break from the way I’ve done things, I want to create something different for myself in this lifetime.” We can do that – we can revise soul contracts and Azrael can lead the way. So let’s go ahead and connect to Azrael now….

Greetings to you! I am Archangel Azrael and I am so happy to come into this space with you and share it with you today and before we start on our topic of soul contracts, I just want, Marlene, for you to know how much I adore working with you. We have a history of working together through some very trying times in various lifetimes. We have a history too, though, of working together through some very happy times. A soul that is as varied as yours is going to have many ties so it should be of no surprise that we have one. The thing that I really notice about you whenever we work together is the tenacity that you possess and the very strong dedication that you equally possess to help or to heal others and that creates a certain bravery as well for you because it takes a courageous soul to face the darkness that is often going to be associated with helping others.

In other words, if you come into a life and you choose to be a healer of any type, whether it’s emotional, spiritual, or physical – you are going to see the messiness of life, the ugliness…you’re going to see the unhealed bodies, the unhealed minds, and on a soul level, the feeling of being disconnected from the soul, that’s the only way a soul can be unhealed. And you have to have a certain bravery to face that and a certain commitment to the work and you possess that so I say bravo to you for that because it is not easy, it is not something that you ever do alone, but nonetheless, it is not easy.

It is interesting in these times where there have been so many new Lightworkers coming and awakening and for someone like yourself who has been doing this for, I am not referring to this lifetime alone but others as well. It’s refreshing in a way, I would think for you to see that there are so many others joining you on this path at long last and that on this path, what you might discover as it grows in numbers is that it is more inter-changeable that it ever was before and this will lead us into our topic in just a moment…

It is due to this inter-changeable nature which has always existed but yet it is more profound and pronounced now - that you can alter your soul contracts and there was a time when in the body that it was a very difficult task – first of all, people didn’t know about the soul contracts to begin with and even if they did, if they had an inkling, they were into too much of a dense environment to do much about it.

And maybe, if they were fortunate enough to have a shaman or some other type of healer present in their life then maybe they could have a spontaneous healing, or be able to change something significantly, a miracle of some sort, but in those times before the matter of the world was dense, the density prohibited any great change … fast forward to today – first of all more and more people understand about soul agreements, they understand that their soul has a plan, they understand that there’s some purpose or meaning to their existence and they understand that they can change this in the moment.

Why? Because you are a part of your own team and that means that you get a vote, you get a voice. You get to create as you see fit. So right now, in regards to your soul contract, you’re running a lot of energy that has to do with physical limitation and that is being held for you, let’s say, it has a space that is being held and it’s running because of soul agreements, and because by taking that on – let’s say, the end result of that is to purify, not necessarily yourself, although that happens too, but others.

So in adjusting this, we look to, O.K. what we really are interested in is purification, can that be obtained by some other method? - yes! So what we want to do is transfer the goal which is purification to one that doesn’t have to physically debilitate you, one that becomes something that is done in different means and here’s the thing to know – this is something that your soul is very much in alignment with!

The Oversoul is ready for advancement, more ascension. It knows that this is not a period of time where you have to, any longer, suffer in the physical in order to learn and grow, this used to be the way even in the times when you incarnated. Because the world is spinning so fast and evolving so quickly that things are happening – it used to be that not very much happened in a lifetime in regards to consciousness evolving – a whole lifetime would go by and not too much would change.

The world you left was not very much different than the world you were born into, yes, there were some changes, of course, there’s always going to be some changes, but not a great deal. But now, it’s a different story. Now we are looking at people that were born in a time where there wasn’t the technologies or the medical advancements that we are seeing today, let alone the spiritual developments.

So I am saying all this to present a case for your intellectual mind to grasp onto and to understand that, you can change that contract and while consciously you may agree with that, I want that knowledge to seep into all of your mind, all of the layers of your mind. Understanding too that you are not a body, you are, rather, energy. So in adjusting the frequencies of the physical body one must adjust energetic frequencies, but it is all energy. So you don’t have to worry about it actually happening, you just focus on the energy and shifting it and moving it.

So here’s what I am going to do – I’m going to write this out…the soul contract – the goal is purification. This no longer has to happen with an ailing body; in other words, the body doesn’t have to go through physical pain in order to reach purification. This goal can be obtained through another route and that will be one that is energetic and then we shift the energy from the physical to the non-physical and allow for that shift to alter the contract.

All right, we are going to work together now to do this. This will be something that, we’ll go through the steps now and we’ll allow for time to reach completion on all stages. In other words in all levels of your mind, and on the other side, we are going to record this, we’re going to make it known to all your guides, we’re going to make it known to anybody that you work with. So this is going to alter several of your contracts as a result as well. And we will bring these all up to date and record them in the Akashic records but that’s at the end.

So right now what I want for you to do is simply focus on the sound of my voice and the quieting of your mind. I want you to let go of the physical body and I want you to simply focus on the sound of my voice and quieting your mind letting go of the physical body, feeling it rest, feeling yourself pop out of it. Let your awareness shift now, let your awareness go higher. Let your awareness engage with your energetic body, that space all around you, your energy, your physical presence is no longer something that we are concerned with, we are now concerned with your energy, your Oversoul, your higher self and so on.

This is the flow we want to exist within. I am calling forth your Akashic records keeper, I am calling to request the soul contract, any soul contract that has to do with physical ailment, specifically rheumatoid arthritis, and let’s include all physical ailment, anything that’s difficult. The term on the contract is not for specifically for one thing or another, it is for the experience of physical decline for purification purposes.

And we now write in purification is now to be obtained through energetic means, clearing, channelling, meditation, and communication from guides. The body may be purified but it will not be done through physical pain or any physical discomfort any more. This is a request and a revision made effective today. I want you to sit with that statement for just a moment….the purification, can you imagine it like sand going through an hourglass towards your physical body, is now being shifted to this energetic space around you.

In other words, the means of the physical purification, the means of it, will come to you through channelling, will come to you through meditation, will come to you through clearing, but you will not have to learn the purification directly through the body any more. This is, in a sense, ascension, because it takes you out of the physical body and the need to learn in the physical body. It allows for you to prepare yourself for a new body and with your willingness, with your permission, and with your signature we move forward, we move away from the old and into the new. Do we have your permission? And now, visually sign the contract. And I, Azrael, will do the same. And now we roll it up and we hand it to your record keeper and we ask that it be recorded in the Akashic records now dated.

We are not done. The contract creates a way, let’s say, if someone were to walk a certain route every day, they will have worn a pathway like through some vegetation or through some trees and such. So the way that it was set up before, you go through physical pain, you have the symptoms, you have the suffering, it brings you into a state of purification and it is this pathway that is very worn and its worn in the mind, essentially, the brain. It’s a pathway within the brain, a thoughtform, a habit, a pattern of belief.

So what we want to do is disrupt – we made the agreement, you are on board. But now, we have to disrupt the lingering, habitual pattern that exists that can seek to perpetuate what we’ve just undone. So instead of thinking of yourself as a physical body, first think of yourself as energy because you know that your soul is made of energy and that’s your truth, that’s your true identity. And so, rather than fall into the identity of the physical, rise to the identity of the non-physical. I’m going to write this down, because it is very important…must establish new pathways. First, identify with the non-physical, not the physical.

So, rising up into that, feel it now, feel yourself rise, feel your attention, your focus and your entire presence go higher. The physical body is there but you do not feel it, not really. And this is the space you want to occupy all the time. Now we bring into this space Light from above. This Light is purification, the very purification you are seeking, through the physical element. Now we bring that purification down, it meets your crown chakra, it enters, it goes down into your third eye chakra, it enters and it moves through your entire system.

It opens your hearing, it opens your speaking, it opens your receiving… it’s opening everything up for you so that you are in alignment. And anything that was crooked, anything that was out of joint, anything that was imbalanced is now brought into alignment and let’s go ahead and work on that chakra system as well… we are going to clear out a lot of old beliefs, this is where the habits are going to reside… because you can change things on this high level but the chakras, they store information that the body and the part of you that identifies with the body, uses to operate in the world.

Let’s start at the very bottom, first I want you to imagine that your feet are planted in the ground and that the Earth comes up and grows roots on the bottoms of your feet. Now let’s visualize your very first chakra (root) and all of the old information there – anything that has to do with people that have come before you or any programming that you, yourself, have picked up in past lifetimes, anything that is old and negative and especially, anything that identifies with the physical – we clear it now and we bring it into the Light and we restore it and bring it into balance.

And we tell it, “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified." Good, we want that message to go into all your chakras. We go into the next chakra, (sacral) and we see the old conditioning, all the story lines from the past, all of those things that used to make sense but no longer do. All of those things we purify now.

We bring them to the Light, we restore this area, we cleanse it. “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified.” And it is purified. Now we go up to the next chakra (solar plexus) and we bring the Light there and we allow you to feel the sense of balance that the Light creates and we tell this space, “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified.”

And we feel that radiating Light spread out, reaching out throughout everything that you know, through your senses, through your body, through your very soul, out and out and out, it sends out signals, restoring you and sending a message to the world that you are purified. “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified.”

And we move forward, we move upwards. We move to the heart chakra and here all those layers, all those experiences, we purify them. We clear them out. We allow for the heart to be empty and spacious and fresh and new. We allow for the heart to feel and we open it and we tell this heart space, “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified.” And the heart, it knows what to do with this information, it sends signals out to the rest of the body.

And we move up into the throat, here where expression is the domain, we clear out anything that no longer serves you. We clear it, we clean it and we raise the frequency and we tell this throat area chakra that “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified.” We want for there to be absolutely no doubt this purification is solid, it’s real, it’s happening, it’s absorbing into your being. It is absorbing into your DNA, it is absorbing into your cells, it is absorbing into your energy in all directions of time.

And we move up into the third eye chakra now which is open, which is all seeing and we say, “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified.” And moving that Light now to the crown chakra which is open, which is receiving and we say, “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified.” And we send that focus once more just above the crown chakra into the other chakras, into the other layers of yourself, of your being and we say once more, “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified” because this is the message we send out, we send it down into the physical body, we send it out into the world. We send it up into the heavens. “I am energy. I am Light. I am purified.”

I have reached the goal of purification here in this energetic space in this moment, in this present time. Feel the purification, feel the sense of having completed that, feel the wholeness, feel the Light! Feel this as it moves through you in waves. It repairs, it restores, it renews. This is the stuff which we are putting into your contract now so that it may continue to unfold each day, each week, each month in your life path. We have done this work.

Thank you!

And now we take a step back from that… and this is what I want for you to know. You have the ability and you have successfully revised your contract. You have the ability to heal and to living your life differently than you are now and to in the future, reach purification through other means and you have been doing it before. There may be more conditioning to the mind that you still need to retrain. You may still need to remind yourself to go higher into that ascension, into that ascended identity.

Moving into that ascended identity will help you to release from the old patterns which are the only things that can hold you to this old contract and in truth, really has no hold over you anymore. But the mind can be strong so it is important to retrain it and when you do, the body follows. The body is merely reflecting the mind and the mind, when awakened, such as yours will follow what you instruct if you are consistent with it. Now this is something very important for you to work on privately and professionally.

The idea that you who are incarnated are not the body, that you are not trapped by these bodies, that you are not as limited as you believe by these bodies, that you are in truth, energy now while incarnated, not later when you cross over, not just in between lifetimes but now. Because when you make friends with that understanding that you are energy, that you are your soul in action, that’s when you release yourself from the prison of the body. That’s when you release yourself from the prison of the mind. And  you have done this before. You have done this before, this very thing in a body. So I know that you can do it again!

And I know that you can help others do it, sometimes, in some cases, for the first time, in some cases for a second and third time. The lesson is the body is not real, the lesson is your identity is not the body and while it has the feeling of being solid and real and the experience is so seemingly real, you know that it is illusion and so too, is the body. The body is just energy and the energy can shift, the energy can change, it can absolutely change.

Let me help you through this, this is just the start. We have changed the contract, we have begun the initial work on retraining the mind but let us carry on the rest of the way. If you look out at all the situations that cause you any type of ailment, let us not stop at the physical body, we’ll just continue on and let us do the work with others as well because you have the capacity to stay here longer if you do this and help more people. And for the time that you are here and any of you are here, it makes it better, easier, softer, kinder, gentler and far more pleasant when you identify with that sense of energy rather than the solid, the body.

There is truly no limitation to what you can create except for the limitation you place on it. The only limitation is your own limitation so work with your mind, your ideas and your thoughts. Work with your feelings, the emotions that arise, work with your beliefs. What I mean is, observe them and realize that these, too, are malleable. You are not locked into them. For many people, it is this way but it’s not for you when you go into higher levels.

You see, when you are able to access higher levels, you can shift anything. The higher you go and the more consistent you are with that, the more you can change, the more you could shift. It is just a matter of doing that enough times and breaking the old habits once and for all. And that’s when we can have this sensation of miracle, the sensation of the Light, the sensation of being energy rather than matter.

Oh, you still have the physical body, of course, and you understand its role it is playing and you love that body, it is part of your team. But it isn’t in any way dictating any longer what happens because you can side-step, sort of grow out of, genetic predispositions, disease, any kind of ailment, really. You can even, essentially, grow out of it energetically kind of like a creature can grow out of a shell. You see, you are much more adaptable than you realize.

And you, are one of the teachers that will teach this, that will show this through and be able to teach this. And you have already taught, you are a teacher but I mean this, I mean this part, this part of your journey. This is something important, this is something to practice every day. This is something that you are ready to do.

Joy: And he pulls back his energy, um, Archangel Azrael tuning out.

I don’t remember much when I do this but I do remember the energy going very high in the sense that we, you, I and Azrael, all of us together collectively, lifting up, lifting up – in fact, I am sitting straighter and my posture is much straighter than … I have horrible posture but it is good right now because he lifted my body up when he was making a statement and you can feel your body kind of wobble as it is finding this vibrational frequency and the feeling is of being pulled up out of the physical body so that you are just above the physical body not astral projecting really but just sort of shifting the consciousness and focus. And it’s in that that helps us slip out of the physical.

Um, it reminds me of a traumatic experience where if something very horrible is happening to us physically we might kind of disassociate and go up but this time it is done in a way that is positive and it is a way that is integrating our self, our consciousness with that higher part of ourself. So it is time for us, I think, collectively. We already use this ability in times of trouble without knowing it as a way of self protection but we can grow beyond that, we can use it now as a form of self healing, we can use it as a form of evolution, of ascension, of self realization.

What he shows us and I hope it made sense, was just this feeling of getting outside of the physical once and for all and then in that place we can address anything that is going on with us physically. It is very fascinating and I definitely want to try it on my own too, but just this idea though, that we can work with ourselves instead of against ourselves.

Now, one other thing I want to throw in here, he didn’t say it but it is something I’ve been working on lately for physical changes is before going to sleep, I’ve been bringing the healing chamber up where if there is a healing issue, I tell my guides “While I am sleeping, program me to have less of (whatever the symptoms are) program me to have a healthy body.” It can also be emotional, it can also be just having more clarity in a certain situation, but I use primarily for physical and the reason is because it is just all energy and what we wake up to then is kind of programmed energetically for us.

It is really neat, that time of night when we have this time when we are sleeping and we are not really doing anything but hey, our soul doesn’t sleep and our guides don’t so this is a time when we can use that. Just a simple request before going to bed and we work on it at night and when we wake up we start to feel different in our physical body, we really do. And then, adjusting soul contracts too is another really powerful one.

Also one more thing, let us ask that all of your contracts be brought up to date. That will reflect the work we did today and it can help you get out of any loops we tend to get into with contracts. So let us ask that of your Akashic records keeper, anything that is out of date, bring all of those  contracts up to date and let us also bring them in the Light so they are purified.

All right! I wish for you so many happy blessings!

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