Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as listening. This quality requires focus, intent and observation. It encompasses the ability to see and discern not only what is stated verbally but all other little nuances and signs that are given through the hearing sense, sight and body movements. This quality also involves being in the heart in the moment and observing the feeling and emotions that are felt; it utilizes all senses and requires complete attention to all details. Most of humanity has lost this ability to be in the moment to completely hear and understand what is being said by the other person.

 In a family situation, this quality is indispensable in showing to other family members that you are hearing what they are saying and that you understand and that you will act on their concerns. It could be as simple as showing your loved one that you are totally present for them in the moment that they most require your attention. Small children usually demand immediate attention because they live in the moment and cannot process the concept of waiting or patience. The families where members listen to one another with utmost attention create an atmosphere of trust and caring and their home will be a harmonious and happy environment as a result.

Between spouses, this quality is absolutely required to nurture and sustain the bonds of love, friendship and caring that have encouraged each person to make a lifelong commitment to each other. If one person feels that they are not being heard when they speak with their heart, there will be difficulties at some point in the relationship. All concerns that each spouse has at any given moment must be addressed carefully and lovingly by the other spouse. Such action heartens the other into feeling safe within the bounds of their relationship and trust, peace and goodwill prevails.

This facet of love extends out into the workplace environment as well, as it is most important in the clear understanding of each person’s duties and responsibilities so that the smooth operation of the function and purpose of the work is well understood and performed. Each person must maintain their integrity as they serve in the duties they are hired to perform. If a person does not exercise this quality of love, they do not usually last too long in that position, as this quality must be employed in following instructions to become qualified in the job of choice.

 In the larger community, this quality of listening is most definitely a must. Communication is at the center of all that transpires in the larger arena of life and one must have the skill to employ this quality. It is the one who has honed this quality who usually rises up the ladder of success to be at the forefront in their field of endeavor. By using this quality often, one conveys to others that they are heard and that their concerns are important. These skilled ones are the problem solvers, leaders and educators of their times.

 Think on these thoughts then and become a good listener as you move through the journey called life.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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