Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as diligence. This quality is necessary to have within one’s character so that one can set their goals and intentions and then proceed with all the actions that are needed to bring their goal into manifestation. Many times, the most promising projects have failed when the person did not follow through on their desired intention. Every intention comes into fruition through the employment of this facet of love. It is the individuals who habitually practice this quality in their daily commitments who are looked upon by their family members and peers as someone who can be relied upon to see things through to completion. As you observe the animals in nature such as the squirrel, you see that they also employ this quality and they diligently gather their nuts and seeds throughout the summer and therefore always have an abundance of food throughout the winter.

 This quality is most needed as all beings on Earth live their daily lives. In order to successfully accomplish anything in life, one must have this quality in their inherent character. It is the foundation upon which is built whatever one desires to create, and by employing this quality step by diligent step, the making of concrete realities in the world of form is possible. This quality encompasses much inherent power and exercises the use of wisdom and free will by each individual, as they create their world in accordance with the guidance of their own divine essence by following the inner promptings of their heart.  By being willing to follow through on all intuitive creative ideas that flow into their consciousness, they begin to live a more sublime life in their world, where every moment is filled with anticipation, enthusiasm and wonder at the great ocean whose waves teem with the seeds of infinite possibilities that are scattered across the universe. Many great inventions and technology are being brought into this world by individuals who are attuned and practice this quality.

In the area of relationship with loved ones and family members, this quality assists one to live a happy and fulfilling life, creating a constant flow of positive and mutually beneficent interactions between all in their immediate surroundings. In the larger community, this quality of diligence enables individuals to build bridges between differing points of view in order to accomplish a higher goal that serves the interest and needs of the many.  By practicing this quality, an individual becomes one who is valued for their input and opinion because the greater community knows that it can rely on this individual to follow through on their ideas and intentions through their energetic action in support. By accepting their role as helper and supporter, one who sees with eyes that encompass the larger picture and sees beyond personal interest, one is effective in their capacity to give service in humility and respect for all. This in turn builds trust between all members in the community.

 Upon this quality one can navigate the uncertain waters of world affairs as they come forth. By employing this quality of diligence one can ascertain one’s position in any of the events that occur in the world around them in a way that ensures their protection and safety. It enables each person to become informed so that they can then make the right choice as to how they should act or respond in any given situation. In all things, there is always a choice as to how one responds and the individual who can look at the higher perspective and understand that the world around them is filled with many differing viewpoints and ideas, is a person who holds much inner joy and happiness for they perceive that choosing peace and harmony in all relations creates this state in their own being. Thus it is that they radiate peace and harmony from within their own essence and in this way they create a template for others to perceive and choose to emulate in their own individual lives.

 In one’s personal growth and spiritual journey, having this quality at work helps to achieve personal goals and objectives as an individual chooses the thoughts, words and deeds they wish to give to the larger community. What is taking place within one’s consciousness is reflected out into the world around them and the universe gives back in kind in the form of experience with the predominate concepts that one holds. Each individual is responsible for all that takes place within them and as they learn and grow and use this quality within them, they find themselves moving into greater growth which is filled with more synchronicities that are benevolent, loving and supportive. They find that they experience the states of joy and happiness more often and these states bring more of everything good that one has ever desired in their lifetime.

I leave you now to internalize with due diligence this discourse.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tama.

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