ARCHANGEL GABRIEL - JULY 2017 - #3


Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as cooperation. This quality is one that is present in inter-relationships between people as they work together to accomplish a specified goal or mutual objective. This quality produces feelings in each individual that engenders loyalty and support, trust and a willingness to pursue the vision to its full manifestation on the physical plane. The vision must be fully shared by all parties involved as this will create a feeling of enthusiasm and passion for the end result. It requires consideration for each member of the project and the burden in the manifestation of the project must be shared equally in order for this quality to come forth with grace and ease.

When projects are undertaken that rely on the input of just one of the people involved it can create pressure within that individual to produce according to the expectations of others and the flow of creativity comes to a grinding halt, for this is not how the flow of creativity works. Creativity works best when the joy of creation is present without thought of reward or expectation, it just is and it flows and is given freely. When there is reluctance to take on the responsibility of production and any resultant responsibility for something that was not part of the original agreement, then it is only through cooperation of all parties that this challenge can be overcome.

In any endeavor involving a group of individuals, there must be clear understandings and guidelines at the very beginning, else this most important quality known as cooperation will not be present. If each individual has a different vision for the outcome of the endeavor, it will be much more difficult to bring forward the end result. All must share the same vision and cooperate fully to bring the vision about. All must be in complete alignment with the intention and purpose of the original plan. It is through the spirit of cooperation that all projects requiring the input of many people is successfully fulfilled.

In all personal relationships the element of cooperation flavors every aspect of daily living. This most important quality of love is needed to allow the relationship and the growth potential of each individual to blossom into possibility. This is why many relationships are very successful, for in them is the inherent desire of both parties to assist and help each other succeed in their goals and dreams. It becomes a positive experience of reward and fulfillment for one and the happy understanding of the other that they gave assistance, encouragement and support to bring about this happy occurrence. All need to be acknowledged for the part they have played or are playing.

Also required is the cooperation of each Soul to be willing to align with their Higher Presence in order that together, the greater purpose of their incarnation can be realized and fully manifest upon the Earth plane of existence. This facet of love can foster the greatest accelerated growth in the quickest time, creating positive and beneficial transformation in all aspects of their life upon this planet. Through the spirit of cooperation and devotion, many miraculous occurrences can take place. All falls into place according to divine timing and fruition and the universe will bring many rewards to the one who can put aside their human ego to the greater cause of divine potential fulfilled.

As we move forward in this new age of Light, this most important facet of love known as cooperation will be most prominent in all human interactions and the sense of oneness and belonging will be apparent to all. When there is a spirit of oneness and cooperation between humanity, there will be greater peace and harmony in their world. When humankind fosters honesty and cooperation in all their dealings with others, great and rapid changes will occur in their world which will have far reaching effects upon the succeeding generations to come.

 I leave you now to ponder on these words and remind you that we are always with you, in your good times and those that challenge you to grow beyond your former perceived limitations. We are your cheering legions as you daily move onto the next step of your spiritual journey here on Earth.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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