ASCENDED MASTER ZOSER                                           READING FOR MARLENE IN 2017


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The Ascended Master Zoser is Patron to Astara and its members. He serves in the capacity of Master Healer and has a great Temple of Healing on the etheric realms. He also has a Hall of Images in which he keeps an eye on all Astara's members and Initiates of which Marlene, the Scribe is a long time member, mostly on the etheric realms rather than an active member of the current organization. Master Zoser stepped forward when Marlene became a Lightwaves Energy practitioner and offered to overlight her as she gives Lightwaves Energy sessions. He has a powerful but gentle Presence. There is not too much information about him so I commissioned a Trance channeled Reading with Edwin Courtenay in August 2017. This reading is below as it was given to me. ~ Marlene


It is in love and Light that I, the Archangel Michael, Hero of God, Archangel of the South, Archangel of the element of fire, step forwards at this moment in time in order to provide you with the Light and Illumination that you seek, the blessing of transformation and passion, of perception, protection and alchemy. Feel the golden Light of my Grace and wing as it permeates the space around you holding you within the cloak of its protective power, shielding you with Grace. Feel the courage and the strength that I transmit directing and guiding you forward along the just and honourable way and providing you with the power that you need to make good choices. Feel my Flame cleansing you and your home and inspiring you with the Light of creativity, the burning power of resourcefulness, the strength to clear away obstacles, obstructions and reset harmony in your world.

Know that in order to follow your destiny and purpose, sacrifice and self sacrifice may be required in order to dethrone the ego and align with the Higher Self and the Will of the Divine in order that your destiny might manifest through you on Earth. I AM the warrior of God, the spiritual warrior of the Archangelic Collective, and through my Grace, I would encourage you to listen to your own counsel, to follow your own guidance and to make decisions that are responsible and kind based upon what you feel and know to be true. To climb the dizzy heights of self mastery lifting yourself ever higher, separating yourself from those lost in the darkness, upholding the natural and cosmic law and penetrating the gloom with your brilliance and brightness that you might lead the way and help others find the Truth. Let us look at your questions and see if we can provide answer for them:

 I respectfully ask for more details about the Master Zoser, Thaumaturgist- High Priest King- who built the Step Pyramid in Egypt.

 The Master Zoser who is indeed now a Master in the higher spiritual planes was a maker of wonders and miracles. He is largely unknown because it is not quite yet his time to be revealed and to reveal his message to the world. He also seeks channels, mediums, through which he might efficiently communicate his truth. People such as yourself who have had past life association with him that will enable him to make a better and clearer communication with those around him. His miracles were achieved through connection to his soul and through his soul to the Divine. As a result of this, he had not only the ability to channel great power but also great wisdom and that wisdom was used in a cohesive manner to bring about movement in the consciousness of the people whom he was Priest and High King over.

 He lived with one foot in many different realms. He straddled the dimensions and journeyed in order to harvest wisdom, knowledge and Light. The power that he radiated inspired trust and loyalty in others, in order to communicate on many different levels without patronizing those around him but inspiring a fellowship of men. He had the gift of bringing forward wisdom from non-ordinary realities and being able to translate it into an ordinary tongue that created awe and inspiration in those whom he shared it with. He created an equal partnership between himself and those who worshipped him, between himself and women in his life, between himself and the classes that called him King and as a result of this cohesion formed a movement that abided by his will with love.

 He is the Ascended Master of Miracles. He is the Ascended Master of Universal Law. He is the Ascended Master of Communication, of Equality, of Cohesion, Cooperation and Love.

 What was our connection in previous incarnations upon the Earth?

 You were his Healer and his Teacher. In his earlier life, he became very ill. The illness was progressive and serious and at one point there was a strong possibility that it would lead to his demise. As such, Healers were consulted and Priest and Priestesses summoned in order to either cure him or perform the last rites that would guide him into the other world. You were a Healer/Priestess of Isis and you were summoned to the Palace to investigate and administer. You used your knowledge to cure the malady from his body and that whilst tending to him, recognized an imbalance in the masculine and feminine energy of his mind, heart and spirit due to his upbringing. As a result of this, as he grew in strength, you taught him what you had been taught about the need for harmony and balance between the Sun and the Moon in order for True Light to shine in darkness and in day.

 When he was well he was resigned, not only to maintain a greater balance inside himself but to sustain a greater balance in his people. As such, he asked you to remain as his Priestess so that you might teach him more, continue with his healthy rehabilitation and contribute to the great works and wonders that he would do. At first, you declined but in retrospect you realized that it was possible that this was in truth, your purpose and so in time, you stayed. You were in love with him and he was in love with you but your position did not allow that love to be consummated in any way other than through mutual admiration, companionship and the love of friends and so this is how you remained until both of you left this world then.

What does the Master Zoser wish for me to know in this time of now?

 It is your destiny or at least, a part of your destiny, to work with this Master now in bringing forward knowledge of his existence to the world and in bringing forward his agenda, his methods, his miracles and truths. You have a choice laid before you – you either embrace this opportunity completely dedicating yourself as a channel only to this Master Presence or you opt to work with him occasionally alongside those other Presences that you have known and worked with already. It is not everyone who is presented with such a choice so that the re-dedication is a difficult thing to make that commitment, to make that decision but if made, the alignment can be so powerful that the channel can begin to assume the energy of the communicating Presence and through them, more and more can be done.

 We have seen this in the past with channels such as the Master Jesus who held the energy of the Christ, or St. Germaine in his lifetime as the Druid Emress who held the energy of the Merlin or even more recently than that, Helene Blavatsky who held the energy of Kuthumi or Alice Bailey who held the energy of Djwhal Khul. Once dedicated to their Masters in these ways, these channels became living manifestations of the Masters powers here on Earth and as such, commanded miracle. However, if this is not the choice you make, then the Master will be more than happy to work with you however they might be able to and in so doing, bring forward communication and guidance that might still aid the world whilst looking for another to become their Avatar on Earth.

 As this is a decision that is not to be entered into lightly, the Master wants you to take time to fully consider what this might mean. When one commits oneself to one particular Presence, in time the voices of the other Masters and Angels fades away and the channel can then only connect to those other Presences through the Master that they have become representative and Avatar for. They might still be able to see these Presences and receive communication from them in a manner but they can no longer channel them. They become fixed to their Master Presence, their vibration tuned 100% to that signal and energy and as such no other frequency can ever move through them in quite the same way again.

 The Master Zoser wants you to truly contemplate whether this is something that you can completely dedicate yourself to or not and when you are ready to make the decision, you simply have to let the Master know and when that is done, further guidance and instruction will come to provide you with those rituals which you can perform to begin the process of complete alignment to Masters Presence if that is the path that you have chosen.

How may we work together in service?

 As Thaumaturge, the Master Zoser, was a worker of miracles and wonder. As such, this Master utilized Universal Law in order to work with the powers and limitations of this world. The Master Zoser would have you investigate Universal Law but also Magical Law and to see how these laws are connected to create a definitive set of Universal Laws that people can use in a practical way to help themselves and others. The Master Zoser would edit the laws, amend them, correct them and add to them and this would be done through you through an overshadowed and channeled process. The Master would then have you use the Laws in your life so that you can see how they might work and encourage people through the example of your experiences to use the Laws practically and spiritually to help themselves also.

 In time, this work would form the basis for a system, a system of wonder and miracle that you would teach in conjunction with the Master Zoser. Lying at the heart of this system would be the fundamental truth of equilibrium, equality and balance, cooperation and alignment wholistically within the self and metaphysically with the Divine. The Master Zoser would teach you the art and the gift of communication, attuning the receptors of your brain and those parts of your brain used in communication so that you might expertly express your truth to those around you. In such a manner and way that they’d hear and completely understand everything that you might offer and share with them.

The initial work that you would do together would be one of attunement and alignment. The Master Zoser would bring this into being through a series of guided meditations and also out of body work that would occur at night taking you to the Masters sacred spaces. This would be altogether a process of transformation and change where you would in many ways be placed into a cocoon so that you might emerge as a new creature, a butterfly of changed Light and Grace. There would also be secret work that the Master would ask you to do on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy, work for the planet and for the global community, to do the seeding of Light, the transmittance of power, the awakenment and expansion of consciousness, the seeding of hope and love, work on the global heart, on clearing energy,  rescuing earthbound presences and strengthening the ley line grid of the planet but all of this would come in time after you have secured a powerful connection to the Masters energy.

 Now then, let me conclude that I have come to say. At the heart of all this is the power of communication and the ability to journey into those states and realms whereby you might be able to experience connection with this Master and through this Master, the power of your own Higher Self and of the Divine. In order to effect this orderly movement of consciousness and spirit you must practice using rhythm in order to shift consciousness into different dimensional realities.

We would encourage you to experiment in two ways – using the beat of the shaman’s drum that you might drum for yourself in order to create a rhythm that would enable you to move safely in and out of space or to use a breathing rhythm that will enable you similarly to alter the nature of your vibration and energy strengthening your connection with the soul, safely propelling your consciousness into other dimensional realms of Light. You must find which works best for you. The ability to move one’s consciousness is as much an ability which is connected to the subconscious mind as it is the super conscious mind. The subconscious mind is programmed to keep us safe within the physical form and so we must reprogram it and tell it when it is safe to allow us to go.

 We must create an ordered structure and instruction that helps the subconscious mind know when it is O.K. to open the door. The power then to keep the energies under proper control is of great importance. Your work with this Master will increase your natural psychical and spiritual sensitivity to energy but this must be kept in check, for as you develop, the sensitivity will grow stronger and you must always be master of it rather than victim and slave. You must always return to the Master for counsel and guidance in regards to all of these areas through meditation. They will provide you with the means and the ways of moving forward.

 It is important to acknowledge and understand that any movement made forward with this Master is also movement made forward for your soul. As much as the Master requires you to become the channel through which their wisdom might touch the greater world, they also seek to help you with your own spiritual evolution and all of the work that you might do together is for the greater good of both the planet and yourself. Finally then, it is important to find a talisman of protection that you can use in all of these endeavors. The talisman must be linked to the Master and therefore we would encourage you to look for an Egyptian talisman that you might use in this manner and way. Know that in the meantime until such a talisman is found, I will continue to watch over you and cast the Light of my protection over you to keep you safe. Dearest and Beloved Daughter of the Divine, take then this guidance, this wisdom and this love, step forward in peace and joy forever and always and know that I am always near.

I AM Archangel Michael

In love and Light let this always be so. So mote it be! Amen.



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