BABAJI NAGARAJ - AUGUST 2018

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 Beloved Lightworkers,

 I come on the wings of love to speak with all of you about the work that is being accomplished by each of you, both personally and on a planetary level. You are working as hard as you are able, while at the same time trying to fully integrate the energies that are being brought to you each day by your guides and your teachers. This is a very complex process, but it is one that is in place in order to assist the wayshowers to blaze the trail, the path that others will follow. Each of you has been working diligently to raise not only your own frequency levels, but at the same time, that of the Earth and all upon the Earth and you ARE succeeding handsomely!

There is a greater and higher frequency level that is vibrating on the Earth plane now. If you have the ability to tune into Mother Earth, you would feel this, hear this and sense this. There is a song of joy being sung by Mother Earth, for she is deeply in the process of the birth of her new being. All about you, there are great changes taking place, many transformations - some of this is visible, but many of these transformations are not visible to  human perception. It requires great faith to walk on your path of Light each day at this time. That is why we are guiding you to go within, to connect with your higher Self, with your own great Eternal Divine Essence. It is important that you follow that guidance each and every day.

 These times bring great, powerful and intense energies to the Earth and all her inhabitants, and it is and can be, of great benefit to you. It requires that you ask that you integrate one hundred percent of all the energies that are available to be downloaded into you. Then your personal guides and guardian Angel and your teachers will set about to insure that you do receive one hundred percent of these energies and that you integrate all of these energies in the greatest ease, comfort and grace that is possible for you each day.

I remind you to drink your required amount of water each day unless you are being guided and strongly prompted to drink less. It is important that you receive at least eight glasses of water into your physical body each day to flush out the impurities during the purging and cleansing that is taking place, as these downloads and the integration of these downloads occurs within you. Water moves all toxins that are being cleansed out of your system. Water is also the great conductor of electromagnetic energies and is very beneficial.

 In viewing the Earth at this time, it is discerned that there is the great beautiful magenta pink ray that is pouring down upon the Earth and it is a wondrous sight to behold as it mixes and blends with the beautiful emerald green healing ray and the beautiful violet flame. Into this mix is the golden cosmic Christ ray. The Earth is receiving all of these wonderful, wondrous energies and it is assisting her greatly, but you, the voluntary human transducers, who are manifested upon the Earth plane at this time in your physical bodies, you it is who are being asked at this time to take the time each day to be the balancers of the energies that are coming through as and when needed.

You, the beautiful Lighted ones, are the ones who are turning the tide. You are the ones who are creating a strong and beautiful vision of the world, the golden age of life upon your beautiful planet and so I say to you, stand in your Light in the days ahead. Your energies, your conscious participation in the events taking place, in the energetic downloads that are occurring at this time, are immeasurably valuable. As these days continue, there will be signposts along the way that will give you validations that will indicate to you that what you are contributing is what is required at this time. Each of you is part of the great Family of Light. Each of you is blessed beyond measure by the spiritual Family of Light. Know that we are always available to be called upon at any time when you are in need of us.

Be Blessed, Dear Ones.

I AM Babaji Nagaraj

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