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A Time to be Extraordinary

Beloved Hearts, this Mantra was given to us by the Ascended Master Asun, who comes to us as the Twin Flame of Akasha and offers us His Love upon the Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination. He asks us to affirm this Mantra daily, making ourselves an Open Door to all that is Heavenly Extraordinary.


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My Beloved ‘I AM’ Presence, Beloved Master Asun,

and Beloved Jesus Christ

Extraordinary Life I come to live

Exceptional as it can be

Light and Love I come to give

And Miracles pour through me.

A Dazzling Mind does conceive

All that my Presence can achieve

My Heart Flame now can feel

All that my Will does make real.

 Master Asun lights my way

Love Rays lighten up my day

Miracles come now at my call

I AM a Healing Presence to all.

My Heart Flame Presence here

Healing all I love and hold dear

Full Cosmic Power now expand

Healing Rays through my hand.

  Discover, Develop, Empower

Blaze through me all your power

How easy can it be?

Christ Mind does govern me.

Beloved Emanuel comes my way

His Sunshine fills my day

My ‘I AM’ now takes hold

All forces now control.

I Am the Way, the Truth and Light

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

I Am the Door to Everything

I Am the Song my Life does Sing.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM!









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