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                           THE BLACK MADONNA 

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 Beloved Ones,

 I come on the wings of love! Throughout the history of your planet, l, the one known as the Black Madonna, have been bringing miraculous healings and other boons and blessings of the Creator’s love to the Earth’s inhabitants in response to their prayers and requests. I am honoured and revered by the Earth’s people to this very day. I am focused upon in the month of September in many countries throughout the planet Earth. I come to give my message of hope, peace and the miraculous to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

I am a powerful archetype and representative of the Divine Feminine aspect of the Creator. This is the time of the return and the anchoring of the Divine Feminine energies into the planet. It is the time of the return of the miracles, the wonder and the magic of new creation. The inhabitants of the Earth seek a connection to something that is sacred and Divine in nature. Their eternal souls are remembering the glory, healing and empowering Holy Presence of the Mother as Divine consort to the Heavenly Father who overlights worlds without end unto eternity.

Around me, I wear the mantle and Light of the Great Central Sun. I have appeared in many forms throughout the ages and I come during times of great change to remind the Earth’s inhabitants of the Holy Mother aspect of the Creator. I bring many blessings to those who experience my Presence. In the current times, I strive to open the gateways of the heart in order to restore remembrance of the majesty and nobility that lives within each human heart.

I uplift, inspire and empower those who long for a Divine connection to the Holy Spirit that lives within the sacred chamber within their heart. When this chamber opens, miracles take place within the hearts, minds and lives of those who make this connection. I have what is known as a Divinely magnetic Presence and radiate a great and sanctified Light out into the world and all its inhabitants. I come to restore and hold Divine order to this planet and its inhabitants as the changes take place both here on the Earth and within its inhabitants and in the entire cosmos.

Let all those who resonate with my Presence seek me out and I promise that they shall find what they are looking for. I am known as the Lady of Mercy, Compassion and Peace and I bring these qualities to those who believe in me. I ask these ones to pray without ceasing, to believe that miracles can take place within their minds and hearts, within their bodies and within their world. My love and blessings are available to all who seek the comfort and power of my Being. Seek and ye shall find, most Blessed Ones! I am filled with love and joy for this opportunity to come forward and I give thanks!

I AM the Black Madonna.

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