BLUE KYANITE CRYSTAL 

 Photo©Marlene Swetlishoff


 After I received this message below from the Blue Kyanite Crystal consciousness I went and bought a pendant for myself so that I can wear it often! It's energy is so powerful!

This soft blue stone aligns with the throat and brow chakras and the air and starlight elements. Musical notes G, A, and middle C.

The Message:

We, the blue kyanite crystal consciousness come forward to greet humanity and are grateful for this opportunity to come forward with information about how we can work together in the new millennia. We are a crystalline being that does not need cleansing, for we do not take on any negative energy. We remain always clear in our influence and are a great help to humanity for this reason. We have the ability to retain our purity at all times and this is beneficial to those who work with us. Our energetic influence upon an individual’s human operating system is to bring peace, calm, tranquility and balance within their being.

We help to alleviate anxiety, worry and stress that a person may be experiencing and feeling. We bring the energies of support and the feeling of being loved and empowered. Because of our pure energy, we help the individual to clear, align and to keep all the chakras within their system clear. We bring a high vibration and healing energies to the physical body and mind. We assist the individual to clear all the meridians of their energy centers so that in a quick manner the energy flow of their auric field is completely restored. We open up an individual’s spiritual connection to the higher realms, to their own Divine self and their innate intuitive abilities. We provide a protective shield for the person who wears our stone upon their person.

As the person accesses the Divine knowledge within them, the creative centers open and they experience creative insights from the collective wisdom of the universe which helps them to express their own personal truth through conscious creative activities such as writing, dancing, creation of music, painting or singing. Our influence helps this access come from the higher mind and intuitive level. This gives an individual the ability to create and bring their ideas, their truth and the forms these can take into actuality in their current reality. We can bring them to the knowledge of their purpose in this lifetime. We connect them to the higher power where they can tap into and share the best of themselves with the world around them.

We empower the individual to express their truth openly and honestly by saying the things that really need to be said in a kind and loving manner. As they recognize and communicate their truth, it purifies and strengthens their progress in furthering their spiritual evolution in order to activate and express their divine nature. We enable them to access deeper levels of insight in order to continue to develop self awareness about the gifts they bring to this lifetime. This helps them to take responsibility to create a distinctive and fulfilling life for themselves and to have a healthy self- esteem.

We can support them to love who they are as unique individuals who have much to offer the world in their own way and to find more meaning and sacredness in their life. We can assist them to create a life that is more joyful, loving and fruitful, one which expresses their true essence. We help them to tap into their hidden potentials and open new doors of perception, to gain inner peace as they gain higher wisdom and clarity in their everyday life upon the planet.

We are thankful for this opportunity to clarify our usefulness and indispensability to you.

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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Channelled Image of Blue Kyanite Crystal Deva

by Janine Keall ©2016