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From Troika St.Germain

 All of the extreme weather and turmoil of humanity being so divided, is due to lack of balance - within ourselves and, of course, within the Collective Consciousness. Balance is paramount for peace and harmony to reign, and 100% essential that you reach personal balance in order to Ascend.

The new Prayer/Invocation/Assistance Request that was given to me for our SHIFT THE EARTH calls asks for Perfect Balance several times.

Speaking of those calls, we are making a difference already! The last call was Sept. 9 - (9-9) The California fires were raging and I-5, the only decent access to Mount Shasta was closed which was very serious. The fire was only 11% contained. My car was already packed for evacuation. 3 days after our call - it RAINED - from literally "out of nowhere". The fire was reduced and became 41% contained over night. I-5 was opened. The fire is now at 76% contained.

Hurricane Florence was a Category 4 storm as it approached North Carolina, She lost a lot of her power before landing as a Category 1. She still caused damage and heavy rain, however at a fraction of what was expected to happen.

The next call is this Sunday, Sept. 23 at 3pm Pacific.
Additional calls will be on October 7, 14 & 21.

These calls are free. I am offering them as a gift of service. I hope that you will offer yourself to this service, too. The more of us joined as One, the more powerful we shall be.
Keep Shining Your Light - YOU do make a difference!
Theme of the month = Balance.

Much Love All Ways ♥

Eternal Blessings,
Office: 530-926-0770

Click the link for time and dates of the calls, and access details. There will be REPLAYS if you can not be on the call live.

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