by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

 Note from Marlene: I post these Readings because they contain interesting clues and information about that Realm that might not be commonly known today that might be of interest to some people and maybe trigger a remembrance within them of a lifetime in this Realm. I know that it helps me to do this.


May 14, 2019

Jocelyn: "This is an Akashic past life reading for Marlene. Today’s date is May 14, 2019. Let’s begin by calling in the Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Raphael and Chamuel and as they all come in, they create a circle of love and protection for this reading to occur within."

 O.K. So we are looking to explore in depth past lives in the era of Camelot/Avalon, King Arthur, Merlin, etc. hoping it will trigger important remembrance so what we want to do then is call forth your Higher Self and your Akashic records Guides to join us in the circle here. So, the first thing I see is a Dragon…I don’t know if this is symbolic…but let’s keep going…kind of a blue Dragon…there’s a woman in front of the Dragon…this is you…you are working some kind of chanting…chanting. The Dragon is a protection…I don’t think it is real, it is symbolic.

Let us keep going, let’s peel back the layers. The trees, a house, a home, structures, it is a village, it is daytime. I feel a deep connection, a deep connection to the Earth. This is how you feel when you are walking, almost like a sense of your feet being rooted to the ground and everywhere that you look, the trees, the sky, the leaves, everything in its place…feeling like there’s a connection to you in a way that we wouldn’t feel today so much so this is a very profound type of experience…it is not a unique experience for you, it is how you are always viewing things. I want to stop for a moment and understand why it’s like that…

It has a quite different feeling than of today where we would look at nature, and being attuned to it, but this is more complete, this is how we feel when the soul is connected almost beyond the veil so there’s a feeling of understanding energy or life, life source, light, guides, angels, magic, wisdom…all of this so it feels as if the very air pulsates with these things and the average person can’t see that but you, in this lifetime, can. As you walk along a village pathway…it is not quite in deep woods, there is thinner woods. There are deep woods behind you…but as you walk through, your intentions are…you feel like you are going home but your intentions are also to connect with someone.

 It feels like this person is at home, male, Twin Flame connection, yes. Let us explore him and what this connection is all about though…you are married, you have two children - daughters, he is a Healer or a doctor, it feels like he works for people in the village but goes beyond that as well so he has a connection to a great many people. He has a bit of a reputation for being a very, very good Healer and what I feel is behind that to some degree is you…your knowledge of herbs, your knowledge of energy, so you often go to work together.

 So I am trying to understand about the Dragon in the beginning…and what I am getting is that Dragon is part of your lineage and the wisdom teachings of Dragon are yours so that becomes something that you can pass on to anybody you want – children, patients, your husband – whatever you want, whoever you want. There was also a very solid training that was handed down to you about things like herbs, as far as healing or its magical use.

 There is also a great deal of knowledge passed down to you about energy work as we would call it today…the ability to shape the energy, to shift the energy, to take certain energy out of people’s bodies as well, to lift it and move it out so that they are able to be healed. So you train him and help him to understand these things but really you are the fire beneath him and you are the one that is making a lot of these healings even happen and if not for you being there and literally hands on doing it…he is practicing what you have taught him. So either way, you are the one that is facilitating those healings.

It feels as if he gets most of the notoriety for these healings out of fear that people would think that it is witchcraft or something that is misunderstood. You chose it to be this way. It feels like there is some reason and part of this is your tradition, your lineage is not to be very out in the open. It feels like traditionally, your family line has been kept secret but still worked to help people, of course. It is just that the methods you used would be secret and sacred, and you do not share them with anyone except your husband.

 Your thinking was, if you did it, it wouldn’t stay sacred, it was you honoring the family tradition. So no matter what the methods are, it is just the fact that it would be seen in the public eye and that would be something that you felt would dishonor the family lineage, the family traditions and perhaps even make it so that what you do would not be as successful because as it was told to you, it was in order for this to stay alive there must be this sacred secret type of tradition that helps which means that the Dragon we saw in the beginning, for example, would be something that you would not openly discuss.  

 We are looking at the energy of Dragon, it is symbolic, we are not seeing an actual physical flesh and blood Dragon but we are definitely tuning into - just like you or I could today through some meditation or ritual of the energy of Dragon, the energy of any spirit animal, really…so that is what we are looking at but that being a portion of it, the other is the herbs that I spoke of. The energy shifting that I spoke of and more, there is more to it but these are the highlights to it.

 So what we see in this lifetime, is you and he working in a partnership, you and him connecting to people, towns, villages even. But more importantly, together engaging in that tradition that is yours but he is also respectful of it and making sure it is not being dishonored in any way. Let’s go in to see if there is another scene or anything that is significant in this life now that we understand the basis of this life and what you were doing in it. Let’s look at some of the events that occurred during it.


I see you doing a lot of midwifery work…there was a significant woman that you were working with. With the midwifery work, you worked alone. Your husband did not attend birthing sessions. So this is an event where you are on your own…let us take a look and see what happened. This woman has status and connections to King Arthur, perhaps a sister of Guinevere or a cousin…something along those lines, related to her but of course Guinevere being attached to King Arthur.

 O.K. So let us look at what is happening now and I see this as what happened was the baby was either stillborn or in some way not responsive at birth and you revived the baby even though the people in the room believed the child to be dead, stillborn, a very dead baby. You did your energy work that you could do and basically made the baby come to life. This was thought of as a miracle and you were then thrust into the light as a Holy person.

 You did not want that. You didn’t want there to be this type of attention on your abilities, there was the fear that perhaps they would be taken away if there was such attention but also it was a concern about dishonoring your family and traditions there. Nonetheless, you are invited to go to Court, to see King Arthur and Guinevere especially. I feel like there is a curiosity about what happened and they just want to hear from your mouth what happened and hear the story. So this is quite the conflict for you, a huge conflict because you don’t want this type of attention.

As you could imagine, there was not much you could do about it, though. If you are summoned by the King, you have to go. So you go to Court, I do feel your husband with you and you might think that its some formal thing where you go up and he’s sitting on a throne and all that but I don’t see it like that. In fact, I see it more like some kind of party, there is a roomful of people, there is music, there is dancing, there is a lot of flowers decorating the room that we are in here.

People are very happy, just a very light-hearted energy in the room, nothing pretentious, nothing rigid as you may expect other than the formal steps you have to take like a bow or a curtsy and that kind of thing, but beyond that there is a very easygoing type of energy in the room and so a lot of your fears that you carried into the room with were released, were able to subside. I feel that you were able to meet with Guinevere mainly but Arthur is nearby and listening but he is not quite crowding because he knows that she is the one that has the very strong interest.

And she asks about her cousin, about what happened to her cousin and you tell her and your story is that you were able to revive the baby, the baby simply needed - the air passageway was blocked and no big deal, you did what you did before a lot of times. But the story from the people in the room, the eye witness accounts were different so Guinevere does not believe that it was something so minor so she thinks that there is something special about you and she offers you a position at Court as either midwife or Healer, that kind of thing. But also it feels like there is an interest in getting to know who you are and what your ability might be.

Again, you cannot say no to an invitation like that and basically you live relatively close to the castle and that was in the castle walls or the actual castle structure. What I feel is that this is a very interesting time for you because you are exposed to a lot of important people, celebrities for that time, we could say. But what is even more interesting is that there is association with Merlin at this point…he kind of comes and goes…I don’t feel him constantly there…but I feel him being in connection with you.

I don’t feel you having a close connection to Arthur or Lancelot, these people that you see and sort of rub shoulders with but don’t … you are very much off to one side and more to do with the ladies of the Court, not the men. Your husband continues more or less to do the work he did before. You are obviously in a new location but I feel he is not really working as before, here I feel that your statuses have switched where you are more in demand than him.

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So it is kind of an interesting progression…from the earlier stages of your life where you were more than happy to let him be in the limelight as a protective measure for what your family lineage is and what you do but here the thing has shifted. We see that you are the one that is more in sort of the limelight connected more to the ladies of the Court, because I feel like you go into the fold at the castle and the life there but the interesting thing that really stands out for me is the connection with Merlin and that is something I would like to explore a little bit.

What I feel is that Merlin recognizes you as someone significant – you can’t fool him – he knows, he is aware of your lineage, he is aware of your abilities and he is interested in bringing them out even more which you don’t feel quite comfortable with…so he is helping you, almost coaching you to feel comfortable with that and this goes on for several years where he is helping you to make peace with the idea of either people knowing who you are, what you are, but also about making peace about the part of you that thinks that the abilities will subside if there is exposure like that; if there is a disrespect.

He is helping you come to terms with the fact that there is no disrespect. It is something that with more attention the more it can be a situation where you are helping people. You still don’t quite believe that because you can see that there is a certain distrust of energy work which would be seen as witchcraft in those times. So this whole thing in this environment there has both. There are people that follow a more pagan life and their religion and people that are christian in these times so you can get a sense that it is dangerous in some circles to speak of what you know.

 And I don’t feel that you actually claim yourself as a witch or think of it as witchcraft, it is just what you have always known and what your family has always known. It is the tradition of your family but you are very much acutely aware of the fact that world at that time would view it as that. So, Merlin is helping you to see that but you carefully speak your words to reflect your beliefs which are neither pagan or Christian. You are not identifying with them in this black and white way that people wanted to identify people as in those times and these times as well.

You were more inclusive, you included everybody, it wasn’t about religion because you understood that everybody had an energy field, that everybody can benefit from the herbs and the energy work that you do. All of that, you didn’t see as a reason to divide people. Whatever God, guides, angels and deities that they may worship, these things were only extensions of that field of energy which you understood. You were very, very highly aware and awakened in this lifetime and the people around you simply were not, some of them were but obviously Merlin being an exception…but many were not.

If we were to take one more step and compare them to people today, some would be the same, others would be perhaps more awakened in these times in some ways towards energy but there are also more people in those times that I feel were in connection to the Earth, to nature, to the rhythms, to the seasons and so in that way, there was still quite a large population, larger than today more than likely, it feels larger but we are just looking at a certain part of the planet…

But the point is, if we were to compare that same part of the planet today and then, there would be more natural rhythm with the Earth so whatever they called it or we call it, the point is that there was this very cohesive nature that we do not see today as much and it has created an imbalance so back then, we would have seen more balance. Even when we are looking at the divisions of the day, wars of that day, we would still see more balance because there was more of the population that stayed in unison and in harmony with the Earth.

O.K. Let’s go ahead and go back to the life now and see what happens after that time period of three years where you were basically being tutored by Merlin… I hear that Merlin leaves, I’m not sure why he leaves but he leaves for a time so that ends that period. After he leaves, for you, the whole court, it does not feel the way it did before, of course and although I feel that division between the Christian and pagan becomes more apparent to you and seems to be growing and so you ask to move on, basically and you are allowed to.

And so you move on and you and your husband relocate essentially, this time I feel you living in a mountain area…you want to get away from people, you do not want to be in a city or town, you want to be at a remote area … that is where I feel you settle down. I feel your daughters are grown by this time so it may have taken a few more years before you actually made this move after Merlin left but it just feels like this is something more permanent and your daughters I feel are no longer in the home. They got married and both live in town still.

 So let us look at this last part of this life and see what happens. First thing I feel is that your husband has some sort of illness and can’t work anymore and of course, you work on healing him so your healing work keeps him alive and well but he can’t travel, he can’t walk very well and I feel like it is in his legs, his knees or his hips and so you are easing his discomfort but you can’t reverse it entirely…not sure exactly why…maybe wear and tear over the years…he seems to have traveled a great deal and walked largely on foot so he’s a bit worn down but I think that he is not meant to do that work anymore.

But what I feel happens is that people still come to him for healing so there is still some kind of income, some way to support yourselves and I feel you also provide healing in a local village. I also feel a garden so you are growing your own food, that kind of thing just to make ends meet and support yourselves. These last years of this life despite that it is a lifetime where you have known Merlin and King Arthur and Guinevere and all that wonderful interest and you were tutored by Merlin…all that is there, but these last years, at least a decade or so, are the happiest of your lives.

 A great deal of it is spent in quiet solitude, just the two of you, without a lot of other people although there are the people who come for healing…so there is not a lot of interference from the outside world so a very peaceful stretch of time and I can feel the two of you being very companionable and just being able to have a very peaceful co-existence so there is a very beautiful exchange of energy every day, every day.

 And you do things around the house like cooking and gardening and he is able, even though he had the stiff joints, he is able to get around and do the basic things. He can take care of the garden, for example. It might be a little hard for him but he is not the type to just give in and not do anything. And I can feel that the two of you are very much in love, very much and you think about all the things that you have done in that lifetime, all of the people you have healed regardless of where it is, just the fact that you have both dedicated your life to healing and so it is like you were able in this life to have these last years in a place of very strong peace and harmony…that has got to be the biggest word I can use for this…harmony and tranquility.

I feel that he does pass before you but I feel that you pass away about one year later so not very much time alone. But you do take out time, it almost feels like a retreat, reflecting on everything in life, being very grateful for the experiences that you have in that life and knowing that your time was coming so you were able to transition extraordinarily easily. You were taking that time to work at clearing anything before you transitioned and you were able to do that.

So let us look at karmic carryover: mysticism, tradition, love, soul expansion, communication, freedom and also harmony. So we really see those last two at the end of your life, we see how you were able to sort of retire and you still had to do some work but you retire from what you had done earlier. Mysticism and tradition sort of go together and this is what you carry over and this was a big quality of this life and love, love was something that was very strong for you, not just for you and your husband and your relationship but it was also a very strong element in your work because you worked very much from the heart.

In order to understand energy and move it, there has to be very fluent way of dealing with the heart, knowing heart language so that had to be something that was very strong and clear within you. And it is hard to say what brought that out, was it the twin relationship? It certainly helped it. But maybe that ability to love and to experience love in that way for others and from the level of soul was what made the relationship work so well. But they both supported it, whatever it was, whatever came first.

 I would say that the awakening of love, that came first because I feel that was something that was part of your tradition but you still could have rejected it, misunderstood it or not really applied it so it was you, who you were and eventually him, in the two of you coming together and being able to express that together.  We see soul expansion as one of the karmic carryover as one of the influences from that lifetime so soul expansion, I definitely feel that towards the end, if not throughout the life. This was a life that really helped your soul to expand to forever learn the abilities that we can have while incarnated.

 Certainly, certain environments, certain lifetimes or eras that we may have incarnated into would not support that as well but we could argue that this time and period, while it did have a mystical quality, also had a lot of war, also had certain elements that would mean that not everyone would awaken to that and have a soul expansion. As I mentioned there were many people who had a connection to the rhythm that certainly did support that as well and that would be one of the reasons why you chose to incarnate into that time period.

 Communication, that is really about talking to energy, guides, animals, animal spirit guides, that kind of thing but also the intuition that you would have used to connect to a patient and feel what’s wrong because they might say there is something wrong with their ankle but what really may be wrong is something in the heart. So you knew how to get a sense of that and go to where the pain was really coming from and work with that from that place or that level…

 Freedom and harmony is something that was really expressed towards the end of that lifetime and experienced towards that lifetime but it was very, very harmonious and so you were able to have that memory, soul memory which carried over into future lifetimes, especially in connection with your Twin…


 PART TWO ... A lifetime in Avalon which I found surprising in how they lived in that particular time.

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