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This crystal of a warm and invigorating orange color with soft pink tones is associated with the sacral chakra and the water element. Musical note is A- (harp) and F sharp which activates the beneficial effects of this crystal upon the human consciousness and auric field.

The Message:

We, the Carnelian crystal consciousness bring joy, passion, positive and optimistic emotions and a lightness of being to the wearer of our stone. We encourage creative ideas to flow gracefully through the field of human consciousness and awaken and stimulate a person to take appropriate actions in order to bring these ideas into the world of form. We enhance a sense of well being and optimum health within an individual and can greatly add to their perceptive abilities.

We encourage the wearer to give and to receive love, to be open hearted and to feel and express joy, laughter and warmth which enhances and harmonizes their internal physical, mental, emotional energy and personal power. The ancients of previous civilizations employed and utilized our stone as amulets and protective shields which conferred good luck and good fortune to the wearer. We were one of the chosen gems of the members of the priesthood, as they believed that our stone could protect and lend power to the wearer and to other gems and aid them in manifesting what they required to move onto their desired path forward in life.

Our solidified energies can be utilized to enhance one’s psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. We are also useful for bringing forth the gifts of psychometry and dowsing. Any activity that requires courage, confidence and inspiration are assisted by our crystalline presence as we help an individual to find the opportunity within every situation that comes before them. We bring a balanced and renewed energy and vitality to their system and can help greatly during times of change.

The orange ray we emit nourishes and vitalizes an individual’s entire being at the cellular level and motivates cells to achieve greater health. When an individual wears our stone, the orange ray energy of our being radiates into their aura and is distributed throughout their body through the blood and lymph system. Our orange ray is an essential ingredient for the life of the cells. It nourishes and bathes the cells and allows the wearer to relax; rest and let go of any troubles. Any disharmony within the cells is released and cleared. We help by bringing more balanced emotions to the wearer, for any negative emotion cannot be in harmony with the joyful orange ray that we emit.

 Our orange ray energizes and stimulates action. Indecision and procrastination fall away and are replaced with the courage to move forward with a clearer sense of self awareness. This allows spiritual energy to flow more freely, bringing a healthy sense of one’s own power as well as a feeling of independence and sovereignty.  One’s personal path to achieving important goals is more easily discerned. We are a stabilizing influence and can assist with focusing on the present moment by improving concentration. We assist with bringing a project into manifestation. Our crystalline being enhances spiritual energy as it flows into the auric field and stimulates a profound love and appreciation for the beauty and gifts of the Earth. 

We are excited and happy to have this opportunity to speak with you!


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