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The above image of Cassel, Ice Deva, is used with permission from the artist, www.psychicartbyjanine.co.uk

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January 30, 2019

From Janine Keall; “Wanted to share this being I channelled last week. Steven said to me last year: “you have a being in a quartz crystal you have”. When I investigated I saw this being in it.

Her name is Cassel and she resides in one of the ice cities now rising from Antarctica. I meditated with her this morning, her head opens like a flower to receive energies.”  Janine asked me if I would try to get a message from Cassel and it is below:       

Greetings to all!

I am Cassel. I am a sentient Being known as an ice deva. Our kingdom of snow and ice lies beneath the ocean where we have lived in total isolation from other planetary inhabitants. Now this situation is changing as the planet exceeds the temperatures that have been in place for millions of years within the planet Earth’s core. Things within the core are heating up and this is because the planet is going through the alchemical process of ascension which will transform her planetary body into a star, an illumined being in the cosmic heavens.

As the planet’s core continues to radiate more heat, our cities are rising from the depths of the waters and rising to the surface. We have been aware that this was going to happen for a long period of time and are preparing to explore other areas of the planetary polar ice cap regions hoping to find a sufficiently cold domain that we could move to in order to re-establish our ice cities. If we are successful, we shall continue our existence on this planet. If we cannot find a suitable habitat for our kingdom, then we will have to leave the planet to find a suitable home for our ice species elsewhere.

We are saddened that this might be our only option, as we have enjoyed our home here within the coldest regions of her depths. We have learned much and gained evolutionary growth in our own unique ways, as all sentient life does. Our snow and ice cities are wondrous and magical places filled with crystalline structures which are our homes. The rays of color that emanate from the prisms of crystalline ice bring these magical colors to life in every nook and cranny.

How beautiful our citizens and our cities truly are! We are crystal clear and hold the Light of the Infinite One. I wish to share the knowledge, wisdom and magic that I hold with the planet and its inhabitants so that the record of our species will not be lost or forgotten. I inhabit a portion of my consciousness within this crystal so that I can fulfill my desire to leave a legacy for the future inhabitants of this planet through the creative process that takes place within human artistry in the depiction of our beings and our beautiful cities of snow, ice and crystalline forms.

We send love, peace, goodwill and the grace of the Infinite One to all who might read this message in your time of now and in the future. We rejoice that contact has been made, for that means so very much to the collective of our species. It is hoped that the keeper of the crystal will be inspired to depict the records of our civilization through the artistic form. We celebrate this success and go forward now with greater resolve to meet our destiny.

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