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 This beautiful soft silvery blue crystal relates to the throat chakra and the starlight element. Musical notes G and B enhance its effectiveness. It’s main focus of assistance to humanity is in bringing to the user spiritual knowing and connection to the higher realms.

The Message:


The above image of Celestite Crystal Deva is copyrighted to ©Janine Keall of ©PsychicArtbyJanine and is used with her permission. All rights reserved.

Greetings to Humanity! 

Upon this planet, there is a major change, a transformation taking place. Many of life’s givens in previous time periods are being cleansed and adjusted and this will make those who are attuned to those times feel “rudderless”.

It is important for those who resonate in their souls radiance to join together often in a focus upon harmony and peace. This can be done through intent to join at a certain time each day and this activity is much needed on the planet at this time.

Humanity is encouraged to step into their greater role as powerful Light Bearers, for they have a great capacity to love others and this can be conveyed easily just by being the example of this attribute.

 During this current time period, humanity is going inward into deeper levels of their being and at times, this may seem overwhelming and we offer assurance that you are all on your correct path.

 As each day passes, the knowledge, the information and the wisdom from the Cosmos will be imparted to receptive humanity and this must be shared with others without concern about the finer points of the belief systems of others.

If you are one such as described above, your service to the world is to bring forward the lost knowledge that was hidden and is now able to be revealed. Trust in this ability that you have rediscovered and share what comes through you. This ability will eventually come through the throat chakra as the spoken word and sound vibration.

Life is a process of expansion and contraction. At the present cosmic moment, it is in the process of great expansion. Everywhere one looks, previous boundaries are being extended to encompass a greater knowledge and awareness. From this experience will come an entirely different world.

Humanity in this time period will be freed from a great many illusions that they have accepted as the truth for millennia. This will open them to the knowledge of the vastness of the universe they live in. They will expand in incredible ways.

Once duality is no more, everyone on the planet will make great strides in the remembrance of their true state of being. There will be greater peace within and the feeling of harmony and grace. Love in all its aspects will come to the forefront of everyday life on Earth and this will change everything.

We are grateful for this opportunity to come forward! 

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu'tama

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