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Centeredness - A Timeless Message

The above image of Archangel Gabriel was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

Beloved Ones, 

This quality is seen as that unique ability to remain in a state of equilibrium and balance, always coming from the center of oneself. At the core of each Being is the essence of Light and truth which can instantly reveal all that which is not of the truth to the one who is constantly attuned to this innermost part of themselves. This ability to remain at one’s center, gives a person great discernment as they go about their daily activities. If one practices the discipline of clearing one’s energetic field of all that is not their own energy each morning before leaving their home, it becomes very easy to recognize all that which is not their own energy.

As each person practices remaining centered and attuned to their own feelings, it becomes much easier to remain true to themselves at all times and not be swayed by the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. Many times, people who are sensitive to the energies around them pick up on the emotions, thoughts and feelings of others thinking that these are their own and this can cause much distress within these sensitive ones as they wonder why when they felt so wonderful as they left their home in the morning that they now feel so depressed, sad, angry or resentful. By remaining in their own central core, these ones can learn to disengage from all the energies that are not theirs to hold.

This quality of love recognizes that it is most essential to listen to the still, small voice within and to be in tune with one’s essential authentic self, for one’s inherent character and higher soul qualities are found here. If all is in centeredness within a person, the world around them reflects peace, harmony and order and it is an easy matter to discern who and what should be avoided in order to maintain this state of being. By always honoring themselves and their feelings and emotions as an integral part of their own innate soul wisdom, each person will always remain aligned to the higher aspects of themselves and their own unique wisdom and guidance. Embodying this quality of love creates the ability to walk one’s path in grace and beauty.

By practicing this quality of love constantly, one will find themselves armed with the ability to remain detached from all dramas and stories that are constantly bombarding the airwaves and the atmosphere around them. This quality of love if practiced consistently can be a literal lifesaver if a person finds themselves amidst turmoil that is not of their own making, for it can protect a person automatically from absorbing the energetic residue of discordant energies that emanate from others who are unknowingly broadcasting these.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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