CHAROITE CRYSTAL 


Charoite Crystal photo©Marlene Swetlishoff


  This crystal has beautiful shades of purple, lavender and violet pink shades with some black manganese. It aligns to the heart and crown chakras and the water element. Musical notes B and F.

The Message:

 We, the charoite crystalline consciousness come forward at this time to bring to humanity the ways in which we as a crystalline being can be of greater assistance during these times of change and transformation that is occurring upon and within the planet and within every living being who lives upon her. We are a crystalline being for these times, for we can help to normalize and balance energies and bring them into equilibrium. We help to facilitate this process with greater grace and ease as we vibrate at a higher frequency and the colors that we hold in our being are the lavender, the violet pink and the purple rays and this in itself denotes higher frequency.

 We help to assist humanity to adapt and assimilate the transformation that is necessary in a way that provides comfort, safety, grace and ease. We as a crystalline being have been withheld from being discovered until these times of the shift that is occurring within the consciousness of humanity. It is a shift to a higher consciousness, a shift in perspective on how life in the physical realms and its lessons contribute and impact the evolution of humanity. We bring integration between body, mind and spirit. This is a very important function for it helps in the ascension and awakening process.

 The colors of our crystalline being bring in a higher dimensional Light which provides the avenues for greater spiritual and psychic activation which is balanced by a grounding effect on a person’s physical, mental and emotional bodies. We help humanity to adjust to the energies in a way that helps with the feeling of overwhelm when there is a greater increased influx of Light and activation that is occurring to people’s cells and DNA. We help to properly process uncomfortable physical ascension symptoms that can result as these higher energies come in.

By working with us, we help an individual to open their heart to expand the feelings of self love and self acceptance which is very important in order to heal oneself back into the wholeness of one’s divine blueprint, thus helping them understand their own needs and emotions with clarity. We help to inspire them to perform great deeds and great accomplishments. We enable a window to their soul in an interactive and highly intuitive manner that brings deep understanding of their feelings, hidden desires and yearnings.

We are especially helpful in the times of endings and new beginnings. We bring a renewed sense of passion, creativity, and imagination which is laced with common sense, practicality and logic. We can bring to the bearer of our stone the deep vision needed to see the future with powerful insight and enhance their perceptions of the potential effects of their decisions. We enhance the ability to get to the root of underlying causes of mental, emotional and habitual patterns that lead to the imbalance within the physical body and we bring this to one’s conscious awareness where it can be reviewed, accepted and acted upon.

Humanity as a whole and the Earth itself is on an accelerated course of spiritual evolution and awakenment that will open more of their gifts and the powers of their eternal soul. This course is one that requires the cleansing and clearing of old belief systems, emotional and mental patterns and blockages that may be holding each individual back from stepping into their rightful place.

Our crystalline being has an instantaneous cleansing effect on a person’s auric field and if a person holds our crystalline being in front of each of their chakras, we can cleanse each chakra of any emotional aspects that no longer have relevance and this helps the individual move forward in life. We provide a supportive energy for a deep level of healing and clearing to occur that is necessary for the further expansion of their consciousness.

 We help to maintain a high level of energetic clarity so that the Light and the truth of one’s being is allowed to flow and integrate within each human operating system. Our influence on the human operating system is very beneficial and synergistic and brings great rewards to those who work with us as the energies continue to increase in their intensity in the coming days, months and years.  So do work with us in these changing times. We are grateful for this opportunity to bring forward our message in this way.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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